Lost at War



"This is ALPHA A1 reporting in airspace. The target is locked on. Over, over."
"This is main tower 1, fire when we signal."
BOOM! boom! BANG! bang!
The target has been eliminated.

The soldiers stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed as the enemy plane violently exploded sending a slight shock-wave through the air. Everyone began sweating as they wondered what they had gotten themselves into as the two planes crashed, sending horribly loud screeches through the air.

A 15 year old soldier shot a nearby enemy with insane accuracy making other enemy soldiers back up in fear. He had sneaked into the army by falsely claiming to be an 18 year old, and was dangerously brave but did not realise it. This fearless soldier had fought past hundreds of well trained enemy soldiers although this was only his first time at war. He had even shot down numerous planes attempting to drop bombs on them.

Suddenly, a man he did not know tapped him softly on the back and said
"Come with me boy, the general wants to have a word with you".
The young soldier followed the man calmly although he could not have expressed the curiousity hiding inside him. When they reached the general, the other man was ordered to leave them alone.

The general smiled at the young boy, revealing a series of gold-plated teeth.
"What is your name boy?" the general asked.
"Dd...aa...nnnnii..eell, sir" the young boy stampered desperately.
"Well, Daniel we have an important mission for you. We need you to go to the other enemy's side diguised as one of them and find out what they are plotting. There is a man there that is on our side. Get him to trust you. Give him this gold stone. From there on he will guide you. Any questions?" "No sir."
"Good. Then here is the enemy uniform, put it on and get started." Still shaking from fear, Daniel the 15 year old soldier put on the uniform to get started on the dangerous mission.

By Ben

Daniel arrived, looking horribly lost, as other enemy soldiers smirked at his loose uniform.

As Daniel walked on, he felt his pocket for the gold stone. To his horror it was missing! He desperately begin sticking his hand into every single one of his pockets, but still no gold stone.
"Missing something?" Daniel turned around to see an enemy general holding his valuable gold stone. "What exactly is this?" The enemy asked suspiciously.
"Nothing sir." Daniel stammered as the general tossed the stone back to him.

As Daniel continued on, a shadowy figure called to him from a dark corner.
" Have you got the stone?" the harsh voice whispered.
"Yes sir, right here" Daniel replied confidently, yanking the gold stone out his pocket and tossing it at the figure.

By Ben-again XD

"What is this stone for?" whispered Daniel.
"This is an ancient greek stone from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. This stone is a type of puzzle that no one has ever been able to solve it." "And you think that you will be able to solve it."
" Yes I think I might know how to solve it because I studied it when I was at college."
"What is so special about this puzzle anyway."
"Legend has it, that who ever solves the puzzle shall get ever lasting mystical powers."

The spy on Daniel's side whispered, "It may sound silly, but this stone is supposed to give special abilities to the person who solves the puzzle. But more importantly, it can also determine the reason for why we are having this war right now, so if you somehow solve this, we could actually put an end to this war."

Daniel was speechless for a few seconds. " Well, if it puts a stop to this chaos, I'll start solving this puzzle right away, but first this stone is just a small stone that looks like its painted gold. How could it be so special and powerful?"
The spy's facial expression disappeared, "You will have to figure that out yourself my boy" he said as he disappeared into the shadows again, leaving Daniel half pouting and half wondering.

Daniel was about to start scanning the stone with his sharp eyes to detect anything unusual when he remembered his mission. Finding out what the enemy was plotting! Right! As he headed to the enemy general's office he heard whispers so he stood outside the door to listen to what the general was planning. He could make out the silent hisses " Boy, tomorrow you are to sneak into the other side's base disguised as one of them and plant a bomb that will detonate when you are out of safety, thus, we will end this war once and for all". Daniel was stunned. He had done what his general had got him to do. He had to get back to his base before that spy to warn his general.

Daniel sprinted back to his cabin and got out the gold stone, then rushed back to base.

Daniel stumbled to the general's room in a horrible condition. His normally blonde hair was stained brown with the mud he had repeatedly fallen into. His enemy uniform was torn so badly, that you could see his undershirt and his pale skin had become badly sunburnt from running for nearly two days straight. " General, they ..are....send...ing....a spy in...to plant...a...bomb," Daniel whispered as he passed out from heat-stroke.

Daniel opened his eyes. There was a nurse beside him. " Excuse me miss, may I know where I am?"
The nurse said gently as she straightened his pillow to make it more comfortable, "Sure my lad, you are in the army hospital and thanks to you, we managed to eliminate the spy and disable the atomic bomb he was carrying."
Daniel asked with a rough voice, " How long have I been out."
The nurse shook her head, " Nearly 2 weeks, now get some rest and stop talking." and she begin to attend to other patients.

By Ben-haha im addicted to writing this.

After another boring week, Daniel was allowed out of bed to go back to war. Instead of going to fight, he excused himself from fighting and went back to his cabin to solve the mysterious stone. With the bayonet on the end of his rifle, he begin to scrape off the gold layer of the stone. As he expected, the stone became grey, like a normal one but it was far from ordinary, it had numbers instead of words! It had the numbers 7/15 20/15 20/15/16 15/6 19/1/14/4 13/15/21/14/20/1/9/14

Puzzled, Daniel looked at the numbers carefully, then it hit him, the idea! He had learnt simple cryptography (code-breaking) back in school. Maybe, the numbers were just alphabets that were number-coded, and the slashes were spaces. 7 on the alphabet was, G! so G..............O............T............O.........T...........O.............P.................O..........F............S..........A.........N........D.........
M...........O.........U.............N...........T...........A..........I.............N, so that didn't work, wait maybe the slashes were just to seperate the numbers from each other! So the correct answer was, GO TO TOP OF SAND MOUNTAIN, Daniel went pale, he couldn't believe it, Sand Mountain was about the most dangerous place on earth, everyone that had tried to climb Sand Mountain never came back!

People used telescopes and saw that there were pools of quicksand everywhere and animals that used sand to blind their prey before eating them. There was even a rumour about a sand monster that could control sand to wrap around prey then make the sand crush them before it devoured them. But even if it wasnt true, no one dared to go to Sand Mountain to even find out, and here Daniel was, in the middle of two rocks, it was either risk his life and put an end to this war, or let the war go on until one side died.... It didn't take him long to decide, he immediately begin packing for the expedition to Sand Mountain, when he told the general, the man said he would send a team of 20 heavily armed and well trained men with him... But Daniel still wondered, would that be enough?


In war, the 20 well trained men were fearless, but on Sand Mountain, it was a different story, there legs were shaking so badly it looks like they had eight legs instead of two. But Daniel wasn't any better, we could say he was actually worse, he was sweating so hard from fear that it looked like he had just taken a shower.

Suddenly one man screamed as he closed his blinded eyes, walking right into a pool of quicksand. All the men watched in horror as the man sunk in slowly but very painfully. Just as the first man sunk, a wild jackal popped out of a small tunnel growling ferociously, it jumped, covering a humongous distance, sinking its jaws into a nearby man, the man screamed in agony, but the jackal refused to get off, everyone man took out their rifles and begin shooting the jackal, after about 20 seconds, both the man and the jackal lay motionless on the ground, dead. Now, Daniel and his man looked even more frightened than ever, it had been about 3 minutes, and they had already lost 2 men, now there were only 19 left (including Daniel). As the men begin reloading their guns, one man screamed in pain as he jumped up, and to everyone's surprise there was a swarm of wasps stinging him everywhere. After about a minute or two, the wasps flew off unharmed, but no one could say the same for the poor man, he was stung everywhere possible and no longer looked like a man, every part of his body was swelled so badly that he looked like a badly shaped balloon, then suddenly he collapsed.

Now, with 18 men the crew begin to run up the Mountain before any other unpleasant things occured. Suddenly, the worst thing possible happened, a huge sandstorm brewed up, blowing 11 men off the mountain screaming as they reached the ground, all lifeless. As the 7 men continued on, another man sunk into quicksand suffocating to death. Now all that was left was Daniel, and 5 men as they trudged to the top of Sand Mountain.

Daniel and 5 men reached the top of Sand Mountain with their uniform torn and hair ruffled. And there, in front of their very eyes, lay a small cave inside it carrying strange carvings that were not numbers, but hieroglyphics that would have taken the smartest men on earth years to understand.

But most importantly, in the middle of the cave, stood a blue stone, perfectly circle completely flawless.... Dazzled by its beauty, Daniel stepped forward to grab the hovering stone. When he took it out of the light, it looked even more beautiful then before. Instantly, Daniel felt a weird feeling come over him, he started glowing a crystal blue colour, then immediately, all his wounds begin to heal, his hair returned to its original colour, his uniform begin to patch up, after a few seconds,

Daniel no longer looked like he had traveled up Sand Mountain, but looked like a soldier that was just about to come to war. The other 5 men looked at him in awe. Next, they went back down the Mountain, luckily it was night and all animals were sleeping, so they made it safely back to the base.

After a long discussion with the general, Daniel took the magic stone back to his cabin and wished that he knew what was causing the war.

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Daniel did not know why the stone had not told him what was causing the war. As he tried to remember everything that happend up on sand mountain. As Daniel was talking to himself about what had happened, "we walked up sand mountain and we saw a cave, with a blue stone inside hovering in the air. Then I grabbed it and then all my cuts and graces healed and my uniform got stitched back up." then it hit him, he remembered that he had a crystal blue light glowing around him and then suddenly all his wounds instantly healed themselves and his uniform got repaired. Could he have the everlasting mistical powers that the man told him about. As Daniel kept on Examining the blue stone that he got from the cave he accidentally dropped the blue stone into the mineral water he was drinking and it turned into a fiery red colour and underneath the stone it had some hieroglyphics. Could these be the same markings as the markings on the cave walls.


A few hours later the generals assistant told Daniel that he was needed in the generals office for a special briefing. "I have a few questions for you." " The first thing is, have you found anything out about the blue crystal that you got from sand mountain yet." " yes i have, I accidentally dropped the blue stone into some mineral water and the stone turned to a fiery red colour and it had some hieroglyphics on the bottom of it which i think might be the same ones as i saw in the cave were i got the blue stone from." " Well what are you waiting for you leaving at 2030 hours." So as quick as lightning Daniel raced over to his tent and packed his backpack for the trip. This time the new to leave at night because all the animals were asleep.

At 2000 hours Daniel went over to the generals tent and saw 10 soldiers and a scientist. " this is Dr Frank Williams. He is a hieroglyphics specialist and will understand if the hieroglyphics on the stone or the cave mean anything." So Daniel and his team started to walk up to the top of sand mountain again. When they reached the top they walked over to the cave but the hieroglyphics were gone. Daniel was amazed because he was one hundred percent sure that he saw them last time they went up. Suddenly Daniel had a great idea he decided do sprinkle some mineral water over the wall because they might show up like they did on the blue stone that he got from the cave. After Daniel sprinkled the water on a few minutes later the hieroglyphics started to show up on the wall. So Daniel dropped the blue stone into the water and it turned into a fiery red colour like before and so the scientist got to work on examining the hieroglyphics.


A loud speaker boomed "Daniel Black, report to the science lab immediately". Pale from fright, Daniel rushed to the lab wondering if he had gotten into any trouble. When he reached, he noticed Dr Frank Williams was not frowning but smiling. The elite scientist said happily "Daniel did you know, that you have just made about the world's most amazing discovery? Every time this mystical stone is dropped into water, hieroglyphics immediately appear on it, so if we decoded the hieroglyphics, it could lead us to the second clue of finding out what caused the war. I read a cryptography book, and it says you need to find all 15 clues before the magic can answer questions. But worse of all, each clue gets harder and even I, the cryptography elite scientist, is having deep troubles in solving this. We are sending our best scientists on this, and hopefully soon enough we will figure all this out and put a stop to this chaos once and for all."

Daniel was devasted at the thought of having 15 clues one leading to another, each getting harder, was it possible to end all of this? Dr Williams voice cut into Daniel's deep thoughts "Daniel come over here for a second, and check this out, according to this code, the hieroglyphics on this mystic stone, is egyptian hieroglyphics, meaning that if we tried hard, we could hopefully work this clue out in about a week or two, but meanwhile we need you to stay alive, because without your guts and brain, this war will never end." Daniel asked hopefully " But can i still go back and fight?" Dr Williams quickly cut him short "No way my boy, that is far too risky we need to keep you safe, as you are our last hope of ending this war." Sulking, Daniel answered "Fine, but then what should i do for the next week?" Dr Williams answered without hesitation "Well, you could always come and solve this code with us you know?" Daniel's face brightened and he smiled "Wow cool, thanks I'll come back tomorrow to help, in the meantime I..." Daniel's stomach rumbled, cutting him off "well that settles it, I'll go eat." He told the scientist, as he headed off towards the cafeteria.

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Daniel rushed into the science lab, hungry for results, But was silenced by a young scientists who told him Dr Williams was concentrating and must not be disturbed. Slightly put back, Daniel immediately hushed himself an begin examining a microscope nearby, but inside him he wasnt concentrating on the microscope at all, he was wondering what Dr Williams had discovered. After 20 minutes, the glass door slided open and Dr Williams stepped out wearily. He carried absolutely no expression on his face, which worried Daniel deeply although he was determined not to show it. Daniel whispered "Have you got it yet?", and the reply was "Nearly, but nailing this code is horribly difficult. So far, I've gotten the something about searching through a pool of lava in a Mist Volcano or something like that, we should get the final results tomorrow."

Daniel entered the lab casually, trying his hardest to hide the excitement inside him. Dr Frank Williams smiled eagerly at him, "Daniel, we have gotten the final results!" Then his face hardened," but its just as hard as climbing Sand Mountain, except this time it has a nice, big, active crater full of steaming lava." Daniel's face went as white as paper "And how many people with be accompanying me on this expedition?" Dr Williams smiled "Since there is no quicksand or wild animals, we will have 3 heavily armed men, 5 elite scientists (including Me), and obviously, you." Daniel tried to force a smile, but nothing came out. Instead of trying to talk anymore, he headed to his cabin to start packing.

The expedition began, the group of 9 trudged off toward the mist volcano. When they were halfway there, they heard gunfire from the enemy! Unfortunately, the cruel enemy soldier, aimed for Dr Williams, and successfully shot him twice in his heart. Dr Williams fell to the ground, unmistakebly dead. Then, Daniel saw red, quick flash-backs of the times he had with the genius scientist. Daniel immediately took out his rifle and shot the enemy soldier three times through the head in the exact same spot, in his anger. After the enemy fell to the ground, Daniel picked up Dr Williams gently, and buried him into the ground where he would rest in peace. But Daniel still had not forgiven the enemy, with bloodthirsty intentions, he shot the enemy another seven times as solid revenge for killing not only an elite scientist, but one of his friends.

As the 8 people went on towards the volcano, the 7 other people could have shivered in fear at the cursing and swearing Daniel was screaming. Obviously, he was not ever going to get over Dr Williams death. With a savage scream, Daniel shot a nearby enemy patrol with such speed that the enemy didnt even have time to notice their presence. When they finally reached the volcano, Daniel took the blue mystic stone out of his pocket, clenched it into his fist like Dr Williams had instructed him earlier and plunged into the steaming lava. To his surprise, the magic stone created a slight aura around him, reflecting lava off and enabling him to see through the lava. As he swum around for about two minutes and he was beginning to lose his breathe, he spotted the next stone, this one was not blue, but was orange, but now Daniel was out of breathe. He begin to wonder, should he go back to surface and get some air, or waste about five more seconds and grab the stone, he made up his decision to grab the stone, soon enough, he had grabbed it, and to his utter surprise, he no longer needed air! This stone gave him the mystic powers to breathe in water, or in this case, lava! Stunned, carrying both the blue and the orange stone, he swum to the surface.

Back at the base, he was discussing the matter with the general. This time, he tried dropping the orange stone into water, but nothing happened. Discouraged, he sat back and begin wondering, but inside him he thought he would never get it, especially since Dr Williams was no longer alive. Then he remembered, he had forgotten to feed his horse! Quickly, he scrambled down to the field to feed the stallion some carrots. As he bent over to empty the pail of horse pee, he accidently dropped the orange stone into the bucket. "Uh oh, hey I'm not the one thats gonna fish that out!" he said to himself. But suddenly, the orange stone begin to glow fiery red like the last one, then it hit him! The blue stone responded to water, and this orange one responded to ..... urine? Instead of emptying the bucket, he carried it over to the science lab, thinking to himself "let those scientists fish the stone out of this bucket of horse pee, all I know is that IM NOT DOING IT!"

At the science lab, Daniel was busy arguing with a scientist about who was going to pull the stone out of the bucket of urine. The quickest way they could think of was rock, paper, scissors. So they did it, and unfortunately, the scientist pulled out scissors and Daniel pulled out paper! Grumbling, Daniel stuck his hand into the revolting bucket of horse pee. When he had the stone out, he put it into the hands of the scientist and said," The deal was, I take it out, but no one said I had to wash it!" as he raced out the lab. From behind he could here the scientist screaming "Hey! Get back here you little rat!" Daniel grinned to himself as he ran into his cabin and locked the door.

The next day, Daniel walked into the lab for the results. There in front of him in a glass case was the orange stone, and beside it was the scientist by a tap still washing his hand with disinfectant. Grinning to himself he yelled at the scientist "Hey! Found anything out about the stone yet? Maybe not, but I know you definitely found out a lot about horse pee!" And ran away as the scientist took a bucket of goat poo and ran after Daniel.

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Daniel grinned as he tried to wash the brown goat diarrohea stains on his hair off. Once he had showered, he looked at himself through a cracked mirror and looked at the huge six pack he had grown since coming to serve the army. But, Daniel wasnt the only one that came back dirty, just before leaving, Daniel had snuck some cow dung into the scientist's bed just before leaving... Daniel grinned evily at the thought. He knew there was a slight rivalry and a friendship forming within him and the scientist. But come to think of it, he didnt even know the scientist's name!

Next morning, Daniel walked casually into the lab to find out more about the scientist. When he went in, the scientist yelled at him "Haha, very funny Daniel..." as he was trying to scrub the cow pat out of his hair. Daniel grinned at him "Hey, what is your name?"
The scientist replied "Professor Kin, why?" Daniel said bluntly "Well if I'm gonna be working with you, I think I should know your name." The professor gave an approving nod "Yeah, I guess so, well anyway lets stop the pranks and start work eh?" Daniel nodded "Sure thing" he replied. Well anyway Professor Kin said, handing a tube to Daniel " Go into the toilet and pee into this please, we need urine to start the stone up" Grumbling a few bad words, Daniel headed to the toilet.

A few minutes later Daniel returned with a tube of yellow liquid. The professor dropped the stone in there and sure enough the stone started glowing, this time there were no hieroglyphics, just a code that Daniel could not make out. "So this is the third stone?" Daniel whispered silently.

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Daniel glanced at the stone expectantly, it had been ages and the professor had just solved it. It had said to mix 4 different urines in a bucket, and drop the stone in, then it would tell him where the next clue is. But the problem was, they had goats, cows and horses. How would they get the last one. As the professor headed out, Daniel asked him "Where are you going?" The reply was "To the toilet to do a number one." Then the idea struck him, Daniel yelled "Grab a tube and pee into it! Human pee could be the last urine!" Professor Kin smiled, "great thinking", as he took a tube and headed to the loo.

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"Daniel" yelled the professor." Have you got the 4 tubes of urine for me?" " By a matter of fact i do." So Daniel hands over the 4 tubes and the professor tipped all five tubes into the bucket and mixed them together. Then he drops the orange stone into the urine and it turns into the fiery red colour again. Then Daniel noticed that there was some strange markings on the bottom of the stone so Daniel decides to take a look." They look like a bunch of letters all jumbled up." "Can you please read them out for me Daniel." " og:ot:het:avce:fo:dashwos " "I have no clue on what these markings could mean, ill have to do some research. "Then it hit him, Daniel remembered that last time there was markings like this but in numbers, So maybe if he jumbles them round he might get the clue." " go to the cave of shadows " Daniel had done it he had solved the 3rd clue.
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"Ready Daniel?" The professor's voice echoed through the still air. "Yeah, just got to put on my bullet-resistant jacket... Yup, now I'm ready!" Still shaking from fear, Daniel, Professor Kin, and 3 men with rifles entered the pitch black cave. Professor Kin whispered "Get the torches out Tom (One of the three men)." Tom replied "I gave it to David (The other man)." David replied "I gave it to Todd (The last man)." Todd turned pale and whispered sheepishly "Well I think I left it on my bed."

Daniel felt like someone had smashed him in the stomach with a steel crowbar. He yelled "Then now what do we do??"Then he remembered something, if the blue stone helped him to retrieve the orange stone last time, then maybe the orange stone would help him retrieve this one! Hopefully, he pulled the orange stone out of his pocket. Immediately, his eyes adapted to the darkness and allowed him to see clearly! He whispered to the professor " Let me go on alone, this orange stone allows me to see clearly in the darkness." Professor Kin nodded "Just be careful, because if you die, then I won't have the chance to get you back for that cow pat in my bed." Daniel managed to grin "Well thats an up side for dieing isn't it?" Without any more hesitation, Daniel headed deeper into the cave. After about two minutes of quiet, he suddenly heard a screech. Then, a blood sucking bat flew out of no where, looking menacingly at Daniel. Frightened, Daniel took out his rifle and begin to try and shoot the bat, but unfortunately, he missed every shot, for the bat was very agile for its size.

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Daniel could only do one thing now, run! He begin sprinting deeper into the cave with the bat right behind him. Suddenly, he saw a way to escape, there was a small opening of rocks! Desperate, he dived into them, cutting himself badly but escaping from the dangerous blood-sucking bat. When Daniel got through the opening he stood up and looked around to see where he was..... But something cut him short, in front of his very eyes was a purple stone.
He stuck his hand out to grab it, as soon as it was in his hands, he appeared outside the cave with Professor Kin and the others. Daniel was stunned, this stone could teleport him to the place he wanted to go most!

By Ben(most of it), by bain(some of it).

Professor Kin and the soldiers were amazed that the purple stone could teleport Daniel. So Daniel and his team walked back to the base and they went to the generals office and told the general that they had found they next clue and they showed the general the clue and he was amazed that they actully found it. So professor Kin and Daniel went to his lab and they went to work on solving the next clue. The next morning Daniel went back to the lab and asked the professor if he had found anything about the next clue." I havent sorry but im trying my hardest to solve the clue." "Thank you".

The general asked if he could see Daniel so he sent one of his assistance to go and find him. So Daniel went over to the generals office. "Would you like a cookie and some milk." "Sure." said Daniel. So Daniel sat down and the general asked Daniel if he could see the purple stone. "Sure." So he passed the purple stone over and the general accidentally dropped the purple stone into his glass of milk. Immediately, the stone begin to glow and a code begin to be visible on it like it happened to the previous ones."What does it say." " ©ø †ø †˙´ ´˜´µ¥ß ©´˜´®å¬ß øƒƒˆç´" but what does it mean.... as quick as lightning Professor Kin got to work on solving the message.
BY Bainal


Professor Kin had almost completed the code when the general decided to send Daniel in to do some close range shooting because they were running low on soldiers." But what happens if I die because you need me to solve the clue because without me you cant solve it." " Okay fine then go get some rest."
When he woke up, it was still dark and it was raining hard and there were shrill screams outside. As he got of his bed the ground was flooded to his ankles. He walked to the window and saw that the screams weren't coming from his friends but the animals, because they were drowning in the flood. Then he heard it, it gave him shivers down his spine. He saw blood come in with the water he tried to open the door but there was a huge heffalump in the way. So he broke the window by rapping his sheet around his hand. He got out and saw that it was the alphamale of a herd of Yaks.

He struggled to move the Yak out the way of the door. Finally he got it out of the way. He had blood all over his arms.He went inside and took out his shotgun and went outside again very confidently. As he got to the general's office he noticed rather large scratch marks on the door so he loaded his gun. He walked in and there right in front of the desk, was a dead lion with bullet holes in its head. The general turned and he said "Well that was convenient", he just laughed. The general's face was scratched and when he got up he was limping. Daniel ran back to his cabin and got the blue stone and put it in the general's hand he instantly felt better.
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Professor Kin screamed at Daniel out of bed to get him into the lab. When Daniel reached he rubbed his head, half asleep and moaned "What is it now?!?!?!! Cant a man get any sleep around here?" The professor smiled and replied "Nope." Daniel went red, "That was a retorical question!!!" Professor Kin looked serious "Anyway, I just solved the clue, the purple stone happens to be a little ornament in the enemy general's office, although the general has got no clue about its powers. So I need you to make one last trip to the enemy base.." Daniel's face lost colour and he begin sweating, flash-backs of his last visit to the cruel place made him shudder. "Will anyone be accompanying me?" he whispered weakly.

The professor smiled, "Yeah, after that last mission to their base, we saw the state you came back in, don't worry that won't happen again." Daniel sighed, relieved, but you could tell from his face that he was still not fully convinced. Daniel, trying to make the best of it, replied "Well who will be 'escorting me'?" Professor Kin was quiet for a minute "Since it's the enemy base, lets say, 15 well armed men?" Daniel tried to erase the horrible memories of the 20 men on Sand Mountain and how about 16 of them got killed... Daniel shuddered, if this mission was anything like Sand Mountain's, or the Mist Volcano, or maybe the Cave of Shadows, how was anyone going to survive? After about 20 minutes, everyone had put on their enemy uniform, with Daniel with a pants that kept falling, revealing boxers with hearts on them. Each time they dropped Daniel went red, and before long, he ran back to his cabin to get a change of boxers.

So after Daniel was done with his little mission of finding a clean pair of underwear, the undercover group headed to the enemy base.

Daniel and the 15 men looked around, puzzled. They were in a corridor in the enemy base with hundreds of doors surrounding them. Each cabin had a number, so which one was the general's office? Before long they came along a door with funny writing that they could not make out, so they entered, unaware of what awaited them inside. And to their surprise they saw no general, they saw about 50 men getting changed! Covering his eyes, Daniel quickly exited the changing room.

As they continued on, they reached another funny door, this time Daniel remembered to knock, as he learnt the hard way. "Come in." A harsh voice echoed. Shaking, Daniel and the men pushed their way in to see the enemy general sitting inside, smoking a cigarette. "Um sir, we are here to, um report that eer an enemy has been um spotted ... sneaking around our base, right! An enemy has been spotted sneaking around 'our base'." Daniel said. The general replied, alarmed "Wait here soldiers, as he sprinted out the door, forgetting to open the door in his rush, thus knocking himself out.

One of the men said "Should we shoot him?" Daniel replied "No, one shot and enemies will come rushing in and that will be the end of this mission! Now hurry up and find the stone." Every men started searching high and low in the room. Before long, Daniel found a green stone glowing in front of him. As soon as he had his hands on it, he screamed "I got it!!!!" All the men rushed over to touch the stone, as soon as they had all touched it, Daniel realised he had made a big mistake by screaming! As in about twenty seconds, 20 soldiers rushed in and begin to attempt to shoot them dead. But to Daniel's surprise, the gun bullets reflected of all the 15 men and Daniel, as they were all holding the stone. Stunned, Daniel quickly pulled out the purple stone, and teleported himself and the 15 men back to base, safely holding the green stone.

When he reached the general's office, he said in excitement "This green stone reflects bullets off!"

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The general was proud with the work of Daniel and sent him to his cabin and to his suprise it had leather seats, a soda fountain the works so he began relaxing. The last thing he remembered was a nice cold drink of soda. When he woke up it was the middle of the night. He walked outside and saw that the lab lights were on and that Professor Kin was working hard to find the next stone.

He asked "hey Prof have had any luck" to his suprise there was a quick reply, " no Daniel i have tried everything to find out this stone's secret, "so I'll leave you to it" he said as he went back to his cabin to get some sleep.

Daniel sat by the green stone, still pondering about what it said. *LENNUT*DNUOS*OT*OG*. He understood the letters, but what did they form? He put the words through his scanner, LENNUT- TUNNEL, DNUOS- SOUND, OT-TO, OG- GO. So the words were tunnel, sound, to, go. That still didn't make sense, and why didnt this stone need anything to react to? Why did the words just show up straight away?

But without hesitating too long, he got back to solving the words. Was it Go tunnel to Sound? Then, it hit him, GO TO SOUND TUNNEL!! But what was that? "Hmmm, maybe I should go and ask Professor." He thought to himself, as he headed towards the lab. "What's up Prof, guess what, I solved the code." Daniel yelled into the sleeping professor's ear. "Mmphhmm..." Professor Kin murmured as he reluctantly struggled to get out of bed. "Do you wanna know what it says??" Daniel asked. The professor nodded "Yeah, tell me quickly." Daniel told him "It says go to Sound Tunnel, what the heck is the sound tunnel?"

The professor stopped in his tracks, "did you sssaaayy Sssooounndd Tunneeelll???" Daniel answered "Yes, why?" Professor Kin dusted his shirt, and calmly said "That place is so dangerous that everyone that went in, has never been seen again. It is said that, in the Sound Tunnel every five minutes, a huge soundwave gets released, it is said to be so strong, that if you go in there without any special equipment, the soundwave can make your ears bleed, and then comes immediate death!

Daniel tried to cover up for his stomach screaming inside him. "Immediate death?" Daniel thought to himself. Professor Kin looked glum "Thats not all, there are also creatures in there that eat meat, that have adapted to the sound, so they are immune to it, unfortunately, humans are not even close to that."

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Daniel walked into the lab and said with a commanding voice,"I have to go to the sound tunnel and find the next stone!!" The professor said, "I knew you would say that and I thought ahead and designed a special suit that allows you to walk into the tunnel and let you walk in very deep, ahhh yea we have 4 men who are navy seals specially trained in the art of Ninjutsu. They have learnt how to enable bombs and disable them. The have also been trained in the art of marksmanship." "Thank you very much."

Him and his friends/bodyguards walked outside in there heavy-ish suites. The general was there. He gave them a salute and said good luck. He got into the Hummer H2 and they drove off. It started to get dark and then driver said, " i have to switch of the lights because we have to pass the enemy base and if you don't want them to see us BE QUIET!! He sped cross the long dry grass and and then they heard the enemy guns firing crazily. They looked across towards the enemy base the had tanks, hummers with machine guns, and lots of enemy soldiers 10 or so with RPG's each. They driver put his foot down and the engine roared and Daniel looked at the speedometer and saw that they were traveling at 247KM/PH and he felt his stomach twitch.

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The men reached the tunnel, all shaking in fright, as occasional screeches of agony came from the dark tunnel. Like the previous cave, Daniel whipped out his orange stone, allowing him to adjust his eyes to the darkness. But what did the green stone do in here?

Would some random cavemen jump out with machine guns and try and shoot them, so the green stone could protect them? "Yeah right..." Daniel thought to himself as he grinned. As the men cautiously entered the cave with ear-mugs, a sudden soundwave send the walls shaking, and even with the ear mugs on, Daniel could still hear a screech that sounded like his radio was on full volume. If thats what it did with mugs on, what the heck would it do without them on??? Daniel shrugged at the thought.

Suddenly a black figure appeared out of nowhere and headed for one of the men. As everyone tried to shoot the figure, every single shot went through him! Before long, he reached his first victim, instead of attacking him, he just knocked off the man's ear mugs! Unfortunately, just as they were off, the sudden soundwave occured. Blood flew in all directions, as a dead man fell onto the ground.

All the remaining men stood wide-eyed, who was that shadowy figure? And how did he get the exact perfect timing to knock the man's ear mugs off. Could he sense when the sound wave came? Or did he just control it? Which was it? The exhausted group trudged on into the cave, hoping to come out in one piece.

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As the men came closer, Daniel began to sense something was not right. Suddenly, all the men's torches begin to die out. Luckily, Daniel could still see well because of his stone. But what was happening? Before he knew it, another two men screamed in agony as a sound wave pierced through their ears, exploding the inside. As the surrounding turned red from blood, Daniel knew what had just happened, the shadow was back! Why did it want to kill them? This time, Daniel knew it was not a fluke that the shadow killed another two people. That shadow was the one that controlled the waves!

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But that wasn't the time to be thinking, the shadow was still there! In its excitement, the shadow just begin to continously send sound waves everywhere. After about twenty waves, the men begin to get splitting headaches. Before another five seconds had passed, everyone's ear mugs were cracking then exploding! And once they were broken, Daniel once again heard screams of agonised pain as blood splattered everywhere. But then Daniel nearly fainted in surprise! "Why am I not dead???" He asked himself.

Suddenly, a shimmer in his pocket answered his question, Daniel grinned as he took out the green stone. With both the green and the orange stone in his left hand, he headed on into the cave with the furious shadow behind him. Just then, he came to a dead end, and right behind him, Daniel could here the shadow following him. *Bang!* The evil shadow tackled Daniel and smashed him through the cave wall. Daniel took out his rifle and tried to knock the shadow on its head, but to his surprise, it just sunk back into a shadow, slid under his legs, appeared up behind him and knocked Daniel out.

"...Where am I??" Daniel mumbled to himself as he woke up to find his arms pinned to the wall with throwing stars and knives. A familiar voice echoed through his head "In the Sound Tunnel, where else?" Daniel eyes opened wide "Professor Kin???" The shadow grinned "You are smarter than you look Daniel." Daniel felt like someone had hooked him in the head "So, it's like that now eh?" The shadow replied "Yes it is, you actually fell for that "Professor Kin", it was just me in disguise." Daniel was now steaming mad with all his strength, he tried to unpin himself off the wall. As he got off, the shadow grinned, and threw even more knives, pinning him in new places onto the wall. Daniel groaned in pain "What are you?" The shadow grinned "I thought you would never ask, I happen to be a trained shadow ninja, but enough talk, hand over those stones, and you might live to be my slave."

Daniel felt his courage come back to him. Gathering the last of his strength, Daniel forced the knives out of the wall, yanked them out of his arms and legs, and threw them at the shadow all in a split second. Every knife hit the shadow, as it screamed in agony and collapsed into a pile of black water, at least it looked like black water. Taking out the purple stone.

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"Damn!!!" Daniel cursed himself at leaving the blue stone in his cabin, now he was losing blood from about twelve different spots from where the shadow had thrown the knives. "Ouch!!..." Daniel whispered as he begin bandaging his wounds. When he was done, Daniel staggered on deeper into the cave on his search for the stone. He was injured horribly and had no one with him. How would he survive long enough to find the stone?

Daniel felt his side for his gun, it was missing! "That stupid shade, stole my gun!" Daniel screamed, obviously in a bad mood. All that was in the gun's place were throwing stars and knives. "Hmm, seeing as to how I killed the shadow with these, I guess they could come in handy." Daniel thought to himself as he limped into the cave.

As he passed on, he barely noticed the loud soundwaves screeching on, as he had the green stone with him. Suddenly, Daniel lost his footing and toppled over an edge with stalagmites at the bottom. Daniel nearly fell unconscious in fright, if he hit the tip of those stalagmites, it would definitely pierce through his heart and end his life... Then, Daniel saw a chance to escape! He was falling so fast that he could hardly see, but he could make out a small tree with one of its branches sticking out. Daniel stuck out his hand to grab it, and did a 180 degree flip and landed on his feet by the entrance of a dimly lit cave.

As he cautiously entered, Daniel looked around for any traps. Before long, he reached a pile of leaves. "Yeah right, I'm not falling for that one." As he cleared the leaves, he revealed a small pit, and inside it was a black stone. Without thinking, Daniel reached down to take it, and immediately a massive tiger jumped out of nowhere and roared. When Daniel saw its teeth, he shuddered. They were blood-strained, and razor sharp! Daniel felt his pocket for his gun, but found the knives and stars. Remembering they were his only weapon, Daniel whipped out three stars in each hand and threw them with all his strength at his predator. Out of the six stars, only two hit the tiger, making it stagger back in pain. Before a few seconds passed, it recovered from its daze, and leapt onto Daniel, getting ready to sink its bloody jaws into his skin....

But that never happened, as soon as it got on top of Daniel, he had whipped out a throwing knife in each hand, and had pierced them both into the tiger's stomach. As blood covered Daniel, he threw the dead tiger off him, and went on to claim the stone. When the black stone was safely in his hands, he took out his purple stone, and teleported to base to report the mission a success...

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Daniel busted into the general's office with his uniform scratched badly by the tiger's claws. The general looked up from his papers in surprise, "Back so soon?" Daniel replied softly "Yeah, Professor Kin was using us to get stones." The general turned red, "What???" Daniel explained "After he told us it was in the Sound Tunnel, he followed us there and killed everybody except me...

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The general screamed in rage at the betrayal of Professor Kin while Daniel snuck back to his cabin to think of ways to activate this stone's powers. After a long brain-teasing ten minutes, Daniel said to himself "It might come to me later, in the mean time I might as well practice with these knives and stars... Daniel told the general to tie some enemy prisoners to a pole in front of him, then putting all his concentration into his arms, he threw three stars and three knives with all his strength at the closest prisoner...

Blood splattered everywhere as his victim fell to the ground. Daniel winked to the general who nodded approvingly as the black stone in his pocket began to glow. Daniel looked at the stone in surprise, whipped out more knives, and threw them at the next prisoner. He hated the enemy even more ever since they murdered Dr Frank Williams...

This time, to his surprise, the knives pierced through the prisoner and flew right through him!!! Surprised at the accuracy and strength that Daniel had shown with the knives and stars, the general went in to get the weapon smith to make more knives and stars for Daniel...

After the eighth victim fell, Daniel began to realize that the stone was the reason for his accuracy and strength at throwing. Willing to prove it, he put the stone on a nearby log where his cup of soda was. Then, he took out four throwing stars and threw all of them at a prisoner, missing all of them. After proving his theory, Daniel grasped for his stone, but accidentally knocked the stone into his cup of soda. Immediately, it begin glowing and hieroglyphics began showing up again.

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After he had finished running and stabbing enemies in their hearts with his knives, Daniel headed to the general's office to thank him for the unlimited supply of ninja stars and knives. When he reached, Daniel curiously asked "Who is the next professor gonna be?" The general looked blank for a while and replied "I'm still thinking about it Daniel...

After many more practises with his new weapons, Daniel began to become so confident with his new weapons, that he no longer needed his gun. The knives and stars were more accurate, and could be thrown in numerous amounts in seconds.

Daniel was becoming more and more impatient to find out who the new person he was working with would be. A few days later, he was called into the general's office to find out who the next professor was, too his utter surprise, there was no one with the general. Before he could say anything, the general quickly blurted out "Daniel we currently sent for another professor from a few miles away, so he will be here tomorrow. Without hesitation, Daniel headed to his cabin to get ready for the next man he would be working with.

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"Good evening Daniel, I am the one you will report to, and I will teach you and train you. I here is a PDA for you. Whenever you may need to contact me, you can T3G me through your PDA.” Professor Farnsworthicle said calmly as he handed the PDA over to Daniel.

“Now I have studied your assignment and I will reveal to you some clues. Now your next location will be very dangerous, so I will give you some handy items: a PDA holder so that you can have your PDA on you when you need it; a bottle of Conker syrup- heals you in any situation; a wretcher for swinging to skyscrapers in the cities and a triple-blade knife (always handy.) “Thanks Professor Farnsworthicle.” Said David.

“Now train with me, young one. You will need to gain the ability, the strength and the agility to defeat me. C’mon, let’s have a quick one. Show me what you’ve got.” Without hesitation, Daniel put a fist to the air but was quickly defended by the palm of Professor Farnsworthicle. “You’ve got a lot of work to do, young one.” Professor Farnsworthicle withered. “Now go on. Have some sleep. Tomorrow you will train with me and begin our next quest.”


--RING--RING-- “What!!! It’s only 5 in the morning! I’ve never woken up this early before- except the time I had to go toilet badly. I was bust…” “Speak no more, young one,” mumbled Professor Farnsworthicle. “We have to start training…. NOW!!!” “Yes, sir.” Daniel stood in an instant. “Well what do we have here…” A surprised Professor Farnsworthicle wondered. “Magic stones, eh? This boot camp will have to take a while.” “BOOT CAMP!?” yelled Daniel, without a breath.

“Yes, I’m sorry Daniel but you’ve got some tough challenges ahead of you and mighty opponents you will have to defeat single-handedly. The only way you’re going to get through this (and get your pay’s worth) is to be taught from the most brainest, most powerful master of all time” “Who’s that?” questioned Daniel. “ME!” Professor Farnswothicle exclaimed with a roar. “Well if you’re so great, why don’t you do this yourself?” asked Daniel. “Because. You are the chosen one. (Plus I’m an old, crooked man. It’s astonishing that I’m not sitting in a wheelchair right at this moment!)”

“So tell me. What are the stones used for?” quizzed Professor Farnsworthicle. “Uhhhhhhhhhh……. I don’t know?” Daniel replied. “This is going to take a while,” sighed Professor Farnsworthicle. “The first step to becoming a successful ninja is to practice meditation. Copy me. “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” Professor Farnsworthicle meditates. “Oh, screw this!” Daniel said broadly. Professor Farnsworthicle sighs and says “Fine. Get yourself ready, we’re going to Pushover Mountain to do some ninja training.” “Finally, some action,” Daniel replies.

“Your first task is to beat the crocodile. Like this” Professor Farnsworthicle demonstrated and smashed up the crocodile so badly that it curled into a ball and sunk. “Your turn.” “Okay, here goes nothing…” Daniel gulped. He whimpered out in a split-second. “I give up. You are utterly useless. You are dumb. You can’t do anything right yet you have been so successful so far. The only thing to do with you is to just do your mission. It’s a miracle how you’ve been successful. Now leave me.” Professor Farnsworthicle proclaimed as Daniel skimpered away.

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Daniel walked into the lab next morning to find the professor, only the see a knife stabbed through the professor's heart. The man was bleeding badly, and eyes were blank...

Just at the worst time possible, the general walked in to check on their progress. His eyes widened in horror as he saw the gruesome sight of his newly hired professor, with a knife through his heart, obviously bled to death. And next to the murdered professor, was Daniel. The general was speechless, then he said "Why? Why Daniel, answer me?" Daniel went pale and shot back "No! It's not what you think it is!" But it didnt work, the general was convinced that Daniel was the murderer...

In the questioning room, the general looked at Daniel, still disappointed, and asked "Why did you murder the professor? He didn't even last one day in this place!"
Daniel answered, "For the last time I did not murder the damn man!!"
The general yelled back "Well then who did?? I want to believe you Daniel, but I find it hard to when I walk into the lab to find you next to a dead professor!!!"
Daniel slumped his shoulders in defeat "I know what it looked like, but I just walked in to see if he had figured anything out, but he was already dead when I came in!"
The General's face softened, "Okay I believe you Daniel, but it's time we found out who did it. We have a hidden camera in the room, so come with me and we will play it."
Daniel sighed in relief "Thank you." as he headed to the general's office.

As the video roared into life, it showed the professor singing the barney theme song and getting changed into his powerpuff girls pyjamas. Daniel and the general groaned as they covered their eyes and ears. As they began to fast forward, it showed the professor lying in bed peacefully. Then suddenly a figure morphed in out of nowhere. It was a ninja, similiar to the one Daniel had encountered in sound tunnel... As quick as lightning, the ninja whipped out a knife, bounded to the sleeping professor, and stabbed it into the man's heart. The general and Daniel shuddered, as the ninja disappeared, leaving the gruesome sight of the professor started squirting blood out of his damaged heart.

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The general stared wide eyes, hardly believing what he had just seen. Then he whispered "The legend was true! There really is a hidden ninja village nearby!"
Daniel looked at him, puzzled and asked "What hidden village??"
The general was silent for a while, then replied "It is a village, that used to be a small clan of missing ninjas, that used their different powers to rob people... But a while later, the clan began recruiting more missing ninja, so that small clan grew to be an outlaw village. Sadly, no one knew whether it was true or not."

Now, Daniel was scared "And you didn't need to tell me this earlier??" he asked.
The general was silent for a while, then he replied calmly "We didn't know it was true, until you encountered the shadow ninja, which made me suspicious."
Daniel was devastated, he whispered "So, you mean the shadow ninja was one of those missing ones?"
The reply that came was "Well yes, but looking at your injuries... I'm guessing, that the shadow ninja was a newly recruited and weak one of the village. I think I know the name of the village... Let me think for a moment."
Daniel screamed "What?!??!?!?!? I came back bleeding in about every part of a body and that ninja was a weak one??"
The general just nodded and said "I think the village was called missing ninja village or something..."

Daniel politely nodded, and asked "So, who will I be working with now?"
The general answered "We are definitely not going to get anymore professors, as the ninjas will kill any that come. I believe the only reason they aren't killing you, is that they want you in their village, to get control of the stones. Once they get all stones, that ruthless clan will kill everything in this world."

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Daniel lay in his cabin, staring blindly at the ceiling. If that ninja that nearly killed him was weak, what could the stronger ones do, or even the leader? And what was this black stone saying? The code on it said... ˚ؘØÓÅ

By Ben- i cant think of a name...

After two weeks of sitting in the library trying to find out the real name of the village. He found out that the village's real name was Konoha. As he started reading it, he didnt realise a dark hole in front of him, and walked right into it. He flew through a portal, and landed in a place full of people with scars. As he hid in a tree, he found a yellow stone! Before anything could happen, he grabbed the stone, immediately it began to glow, so brightly that everyone in the village looked at them with blood-shot eyes. Quickly, Daniel scanned around for an escape route.

But below him, all the ninjas were closing in, in all directions. As quick as lightning, he tried to jump off the tree, and run off on ground. But to his surprise, he jumped a massive distance, and landed safely on the next tree. The yellow stone enabled him to jump huge distances! As the ninjas begin climbing up the trees to block off his path. Then, Daniel saw his chance to escape, the black portal was still there! He gathered all his strength into his legs, and leapt up into the portal. Immediately, he flew through the dark portal, and landed back in the dusty library. He grinned at his new ability, and sprang a huge distance to the door at the library and ran to the general to show it off....

The general looked at him, puzzled "So there is a portal in our library which leads to Konoha, and you found a yellow stone that gives you crazy jumping abilities? That is just crazy, but I believe you. Anyway, how does super jumping skills help us find the next stones?"
Daniel replied "I already solved the yellow stone, it says that the rest of the stones are sealed inside Konoha, but the ninjas do not know that, and for some reason, I think I have to gather information from the villagers there... Undercover."

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Daniel was packing up to go on his way to the village to try figure out some more about the village itself. As he was leaving the general called to him and said " Here boy take this it is powerfull enough to blow holes in walls and can pierce almost anything... well except diamond" He handed him a small Platnum and silver gun, he looked up and said, " why are you giving this to me?" "Well it can help and it is small enough to fit in your pocket and...ah yea it can shoot almost anything." " You already told me that?" he said slyly. "NO i mean it can shoot anything like rocks wood and other stuff." " Well thanks and I hope I come back alive."

As he left some guys he had seen join the army came to him to wish him good luck. He acknowledged them. He tested his gun with a rock and to his amazment it went cleanely trough a tree. So he went to the library and tryed to figure out where the hole was again so he tryed to pull a book out and he fell with the book in his hand. "Thank the lord i brought all the stones," he wispered as he landed without anyone noticing. He walked to the a man.. well and old man sleeping in some hay and as he walked closer he saw the mans face and then he saw the mans triceps and biceps and stopped in shock, they were massive and they were shiny with sweat. He stopped and thought maybe this guy had been training recently, but his thought got cut out by a harsh voice saying. "What do you want boy?" He tryed to show no fear but what freaked him out the most was that the man knew he was ther and he was a silent as a mouse. Then it came to him maybe he had eyes in the back of his head.
As the Daniel saw his muscles he wanted to know how such an old man could muscles that size. Then he asked without realiseing"how did you get those muscles and how long did it take you."

As Daniel continued on into the village, he came across a boy around his age, trying to grow crops. The boy looked at him, and politely asked "What is your name?".
Daniel replied "Uum, Daniel...."
The boy went back to ploughing and said "Oh hi, I havent seen you before, where are you from?"
Daniel looked at him carefully, and said "Can you be trusted? Will you keep my secret?"
The boy nodded....
Daniel let everything loose to him, about the stones. And just as he hoped, the boy nodded and said
"Well, my name is Orbito, and I can help you, I never liked this village anyway... The leader is so bossy. But make me a deal, if I help you, escape with me back to your world, deal?"
Daniel nodded "Sure, but lets get out of here before anyone sees us."

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As Daniel tried to fit into one of Orbito's shirts, he noticed a patrol of guard ninjas strolling around the village.
He asked "What are they doing?"
His friend replied "Oh since you came in the last time with the stones, they have set guards to make sure you don't return. Which is why I'm helping to keep you secret."
As the door began to knock vigorously, Orbito's eyes widened and he whispered,
"Hide!" As Daniel scrambled under a nearby bed.

The door opened, and three ninja guards trampled in.
The first one said "You are under arrest boy."
The second one stepped forward and explained "Some ninjas said you were the last seen with a boy from another world who seeks the fifteen mystic stones."
Daniel looked stunned "How did it go around so fast? Is he going to be arrested because of me?" he thought to himself.
The last guard grabbed Orbito firmly by the arm and said "Come with us boy, you are going to answer some questions."
Without hesitation, Daniel grabbed every stone he had, and using the yellow stone's powers, he leapt out from under the bed and did a 180 degree flip and kicked the first guard, then jumped back and threw four ninja stars and four throwing knives at the same guard. The guard took out his own throwing knives and deflected all of Daniel's. Then he threw three ninja stars in each hand, with deadly accuracy as each of them hit Daniel spot on. As he began bleeding, Daniel jumped towards Orbito, and pulled out his teleportation stone, together they teleported into an alleyway and were safe, for now.

Next, Daniel took his healing stone, and like last time, his cuts stopped bleeding and healed.
Daniel whispered "We have got to get the next stone, now!"
Orbito replied "Did you see what those guards could do, you are going to be attacked by a lot of them from now on.. You better be careful."
Daniel asked "Do you have any clue where the next stone might be? Don't you have some kind of ninja skill to find it?"
Orbito nodded and said "Don't tell anyone, but I have been taught a tracking technique by one of my teachers, when I was young. It was a forbidden technique, as it can become dangerous, but I will help you just this once so you can get me out of here."
Daniel smiled and said "Well, help me get the next stone and you can escape with me."

As Orbito put the yellow stone in front of him, and closed his eyes to concentrate. Daniel closed his eyes and hoped that everything would go as he hoped.
"It's in the underground volcano!" Orbito yelled as he began sprinting out of the alley with Daniel following.

As Daniel and Orbito trudged onto the ground made of molten rocks, they heard a small crack. Thinking it was just a small rock that had fallen, they continued on, but they did not know that they were being followed....
"Are you sure it's in hee...." Daniel never finished his sentence, because about twenty metres away was a fiery red stone, lavitating beautifully above the lava. As Daniel reached for his yellow stone to jump to retrieve the red, something stopped him in his tracks. Two ninja with the elite sign of the village were standing in the way of their tracks!

The two ninja muttered something under their breaths and then sent a small steam from their hands that somehow grabbed a big pile of molten rocks, then threw them at extreme speed at Daniel and Orbito. It came at such force that unfortunately Orbito barely managed to dodge it, but escaped with the rock scratching him deeply on his face. As he began dripping with blood, Daniel threw the yellow stone at him and yelled
"Go and get the red stone and bring it here! Quickly!!" As Orbito caught the stone and leapt off. After recovering from that massive throw, the first rock ninja rushed at Daniel with daggers in his hand... But he never got there, he fell down with a throwing star in his back.

Orbito grinned at Daniel "I'm not too bad eh?" he smiled.
But that didn't last too long, Orbito screamed "Nooo!! Daniel get out of the way!!!" And rammed Daniel into a nearby wall...
When Daniel opened his eyes, he saw the worse thing possible, Orbito had pushed him out of the way and taken the hit! The poor boy was lieing under a pile of burning hot rocks, getting crushed to death... His last words were "Here Daniel, take these..." as he threw the red and yellow stone with the last of his strength at Daniel, then died.

Daniel flew into a rage, he caught both stones in one hand, and felt a massive feeling of anger overwhelm him. He knew that the red stone gave him something that would help him defeat this last rock ninja... As he took out a throwing knife to get ready to defend himself, Daniel dropped the throwing knife in amazement at what was happening. A huge ball of lightning was gathering up in his hands, just coming from the ground. He could feel its strength in his hands... Without waiting any longer, he threw himself at the ninja and thrusted his lightning arm into the ninja's chest. Before the ninja could do anything to resist him, the rock ninja violently exploded, sending streams of blood flying everywhere. His flesh flew apart at the massive impact of the lightning arm, leaving just the corpse of a dead man sitting in his place...

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Daniel pulled out his teleportation stone, and left the volcano. To his surprise, he landed in the middle of a weird ceremony, and even worse, Konoha's leader was right in front of him!

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The leader glared at him, then pulled out his knife and leapt at Daniel. Taken aback by the quick movements, Daniel took out three throwing stars and threw them at the leader. The leader dodged them all using his extreme speed, then stabbed Daniel on the shoulder with his knife.. Injured badly, Daniel teleported back to base to heal himself.

After using the blue stone's healing abilities, Daniel went to have a long talk with the general.
"I had a fight with Konoha's leader, but lost badly..." Daniel whispered, looking embarrassed.
The general replied "I'm not really too surprised, that leader is supposed to be able to take down an entire army by himself..."
Daniel was stunned! "And I survived??"
"Yes, but I think the only way to defeat that leader is to get all the stones, otherwise you cannot beat him.

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After he had rested for a coiple of hours he took a walk out the base to get away to think a little more. He was at least 500 metres from the base when he stood on some thing he mumbled."Stupid rock." As he looked down he saw a sword shining on the sun. He bent over to pick it up and to his surprise it was rather light but when he checked if it was quality steel it was first class steel. He flicked it a couple of times and kept walking. Then he walked into something again not far from were he had walked into the sword he found its sheath it was covered in gems had silver and even gold. He slipped the sword into the sheath and put the sheath in his belt. He walked and thought were the next stone could be. He was thinking until he looked up and saw a forest. He walked towards the forest and stopped before the shade could engulf him. He looked up towards the canopy of the forest. He thought to him self this must be were the next stone is i just gotta find it. He walked in and unsheathed his sword out of its amazing sheath and looked at his reflection on the sword and said silently,"lets test you out and we'll see how sharp you are." as he walked in there was lots of live around him the tree trunks were massive and the tallest of the undergrowth was twice his height. He thought lets only cut the branches that need to be cut because if he was getting followed it would be easy. So he continued through the forest until to his surprise there was a path going eft and right. He decided to go left. Then something shuffled in the bush next to him. It gave him such a fright that he ran up a tree and up that tree was a bow and some arrows. He picked it up and it began to glow. It was glowing a light shade of green. He got it ready o fire and he was aiming to were the shuffling began, but it wasn't shuffling there anymore. Whatever was following him was moving closer to the tree had climbed so he pulled the arrow back and he was ready to fire. It leapt at him with lightning speed but he had just let go of the arrow and the bowstring. He got knocked out the tree by whatever hit him. He fell at least three metres and had landed on his back. He was unconscisious. He was woken up by a growl. He heaved the dead animal of him and pulled the arrow out of its head. As he thew arrow came blood went flying everywhere. That want a good idea he thought. So he quickly climbed up the tree and pulled out his torch and shoone the light on the dead animal. It was a jaguar. But not and ordinary one it had claws the size of truck wheels and teeth the length of a metre ruler but scariest of all was the animals size and to think he had survived and impact with that animal on him. It must have been five metres in length and its tail had some sort sort of spikes on them he jumped down and cut the spikes of the dead animal and looked around for some bamboo and there right in front him was the bamboo. He cut a metre of it and cleared the inside and used the spikes as bullets.

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As he woke up from his slumber he looked up and saw a cub of some sort staring at him he got up frightfully and sat there it must have been a few weeks old but it looked as if it was three or four years it was huge. He slowly moved his hand forward to touch it it backed away.

He still couldn't find his way out the forest. But his little friend become his friend and trusted him. He had named him Khalu which meant fierce in ancient Egyptian. He was big enough to ride and was strong and fast. He had learnt the skill of marksmanship and swordsmanship. He had trained on trees and forest ninjas which was strange to him he had gathered information that the ninjas were situated near him. He had als collected over a hundred throwing stars and daggers he had also collected a bracelet which made him energetic.


As Daniel sat down on a comfortable grassy area, he scanned the bracelet for any unusual details on it. There was a white stone on its edge.. As he began to try a scrape it out, he noticed something familiar about the stone. Finally, he got it out and held it in his hand, he felt a weird power overcome him. Immediately, he knew it was the next stone, just judging by the slight aura he felt. Wanting to test the power of this stone, he held up his hand and sent a shockwave out, immediately a tree nearby him froze. Then he held it out at a nearby pig, straight away a few sharp icicles poked up from under the ground and pierced through the surprised pig. As it squealed in pain and fell to the ground, the ice sank back into the ground. Next, he glared at the next tree and used his mind to try and create a sharp icicle. Before long, an icicle in the shape of a spear flew at the tree at unbelievable speed.

Suddenly, he heard leaves rustle, immediately he knew he was being followed. He whipped his head around to see two konoha guard ninjas facing him with swords ready. Dieing to try out his new abilities, he whipped out the lightning stone and the jumping stone, felt the same electricity in his hand and leapt at the ninja.

By Ben

The ninja tried to dodge but Daniel got one of the ninjas shoulders and he exploded, Daniel managed to cover his face just in time. Then Khalu popped out of knowhere and killed the other ninja by biting of his haed, afetr he had done that he shook it around and threw it away. Daniel was surprised to see the ninjas walked up to the ninja whos body did not explode. As he got closer he noticed that there was some sort of map. He pulled it out and put it in his pocket. He hopped on Khalu and the sped of hoping they were not followed. When they reached there shelter Daniel took out the map and studied it he was surprised at horw the large the forest was. He looked up to see his pet Khalu with some sort of monkey the size of a man hanged limp from his mouth.



As he woke up he saw he was surounded by ninjas. He looked around and saw that his pet was not yet found. He looked for the white stone he saw it under one of the ninjas. He looke dfor his lightning stone and found it underneath him. He picke it up and tried to shoot some lightning and failed. One of the ninjas lept out towards him he lifted up his hands and covered his face. The ninja fell on his hands and the weight must have been at least seventy kilograms, but within seconds the ninja was weightless. He looked up and saw that the ninjas skull was balancing on his palm. He reached out to grab the white stone and picked up a normal stone. He threw the normal stone at one of the ninjas and the ninjas blockes it. He saw the white stone and gabbe at it. He got it and controled his power to the four ninjas in front of him. As he looked at the ninjas he saw that there were icicles the size of a basketball player stabbing threw them, they were yelling something at the other ninjas but he didn't under satnd them the the icicles were gone and all thatr was left was half frozen bodies. the other ninjas were staring at him they turned around but only to see Khalu. Khalu was savage he was ripping of limbs and shaking wildly. Within seconds every single ninja was dead and lieing on the ground Khalu had blood stains on his snout. He rode back to where he had killed the other ninjas and made camp there.


Daniel sat down, trying to think where the next stone would be. He glanced at the dead bodies of ninjas that tried to attack him as he smiled. He had mastered the lightning and ice powers that he had acquired from the stones although they still cost him lots of energy.

As he sat down to rest, he heard a fews voices. Reluctant to fight, he dived into a nearby bush to hide. Before long, two elite ninja came out holding a pink stone. Already knowing it was the next stone, Daniel pulled out his stone and leapt out with lightning ready in his hands. Taken by surprise, the ninja holding the pink stone replicated himself by fifteen! Not knowing which one to hit, Daniel smashed a fake ninja, which just disappeared.

Not knowing what to do, Daniel took out as many knives and stars as he could and threw as many as he could at the replications. Before long, the replications disappeared, leaving the two ninjas again, and a very tired Daniel. Willing to finish him off, the second ninja took a sword out his mouth, revealing a disgusting long tongue. Without hesitating, he rushed at Daniel at such a speed that it was nearly impossible to see him. In about less than 3 seconds he had covered nearly 300 meters and instead of stabbing Daniel, he punched him extremely hard in his stomach, making Daniel fly. But before Daniel fell, the ninja stuck out his gruesome long tongue and wrapped it around Daniel and pulled him towards him. As soon as Daniel reached, the ninja punched him again, then slashed him in the arm with a sword. As Daniel fell to the ground, wounded he pulled out the ice stone and clenched it into his fist. Knowing the powers of that stone, the replicating ninja replicated himself to a thousand, covering nearly the whole area. Desperate to kill them all, Daniel used the underground icicles that pierced up, knocking everyone including the real ninja into the air, making the replications disappear.

Knowing this was his chance, Daniel summoned an ice spear a pierced through the replication ninja's head, causing him to die almost immediately. Then he started collecting electricity in his hands as he rushed at the last ninja and smashed him in the stomach.

Daniel took out his healing stone, healed his arm and picked up the replication stone.

By Ben

Still shaking from the previous encounter, Daniel began to frantically search for a way back to base. He had no idea where that portal was, and all the trees were so alike that he could easily go in circles. He knew that if he stayed any longer, he would be hunted down, if not by ninjas, by wild animals.

As he paced back and forth through the forest, he began to think of ways to find the next stone, thats when the idea struck him... He pulled out the replication stone and replicated himself into twenty five, then announced that they were to split up into groups of five for the search and meet back at the same place in an hour's time.

As everyone arrived, and Daniel counted them, he realised that there were only twenty, which meant one group was missing. Without thinking, Daniel already knew, the guard ninjas had found them. He quietly informed the others to pretend nothing had happened, but not to let their guard down. Before they had gotten far, they found themselves in a grassy area, surrounded by guards. Hoping to beat them, all the replications including Daniel rushed at the guards, only to be thrashed and thrown back, leaving only Daniel. Desperate to escape, he used the ice stone and pierced a few, but had not enough energy to kill them all as he had already used up too much replicating himself. Ninjas began closing in, and Daniel began to feel hopeless...

Daniel opened his eyes to find himself chained to a wall with dry ice as chains. The pain was so excruciating that Daniel could feel his skin peeling off. Hesitantly, he looked in all directions to see if he could find any chance of escaping. To his surprise, there was a pale blue stone frozen perfectly inside the ice. Knowing it was his only chance of escape, Daniel began kicking the ice to break the stone free.

After three hours, Daniel managed to break the stone free, but his feet were bleeding badly from all the kicking on rock-hard ice. Hoping it would help, he kicked the stone up and caught it with his chained hand. To his surprise, he felt a warm feeling in his throat. Desperately trying to get it out, he opened his mouth and coughed as hard as he could. To his utter astonishment, a huge stream of fire burst out his mouth and melted a huge section of the frozen room. Trying not to burn himself, he let loose a small stream and burnt through the chains. Happy to be free again, he looked at his hands in surprise to see that they had turned pink after being chained up by freezing ice too long.

Groaning from pain, he released a river a fire into a nearby wall, melting it and the guard next to it....

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As he ran out the melted wall, he found about fifteen guards surrounding him, ready to kill. Not wanting to waste him, Daniel used his ice stone and dropped huge ice cubes on a few guards, then he used his lightning arm and killed a few more. Wanting a stylish finish, he did his fire release on the remaining guards, burning them to ashes.

After burning more walls, Daniel realised he had been walking in circles, as he kept coming back to piles of ashes, gruesome corps, and guards that were squashed. Wanting to get out, he released a big stream of fire onto the ceiling, melting it and letting rays of sunlight flood in. Then, he grabbed his jumping stone and leapt out.

Really wanting to go home, Daniel leapt from tree to tree as silently as he could, wanting to find his way out. Each tree looked the same, making it more confusing than ever. After a tiring hour of searching, he finally found the portal back to the library. Not wanting the lose it the next time he came back, Daniel decided he would mark it. Seeing a ninja below him, Daniel grinned as he did another fire release at him. Daniel leapt down, picked up the pile of ashes and began to scatter them all over the tree with the portal inside. Now he would now that the tree with the portal was the one that had black spots everywhere. Without wasting anymore time, he leapt into the portal.

Daniel entered the general's office to apologise for being absent for so long.
"I retrieved three stones while I was away." Daniel boasted proudly.
The general quickly replied "Well, you were away for nearly two weeks. Anyway what can they do?"
Daniel smiled and summoned a humongous ice spear and pierced a tree outside, freezing it. Then, he replicated himself by three and every single replication used their fire release to melt the ice.

Amazed by the powers of the three stones, the general apologised for mocking him just now and told him to start practising with them...

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Wanting to get onto finding the next stone, but not having mastered the powers of the new stones, Daniel went back to war, knowing that he was now much too advanced to be killed by the mere soldiers of the enemy.

After forcing back all of the enemy with his acquired powers, his army retreated, already knowing the enemy would not even attempt to attack until the next day. Before long, sunset came as the sun retreated back to its spot in between two mountains. Tired from all the energy used from practising, Daniel collapsed into his bed and began sleeping.

The next morning, Daniel was awakened by the sound of guns. He had a horrible thought, as he leapt out of bed and glanced out the window, to see his biggest nightmare. The entire enemy army had gathered up and launched an attack at dawn. As Daniel's army was not prepared, they could not fight back well enough. They were losing men too fast for any chance of surviving. Grabbing all his stones, Daniel used a spear of ice to break the window, then he jumped out, kicking the living daylights out of a nearby ninja soldier.

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As the enemy he kicked got back up from his powerful kick he saw that the enemy had made peace with the ninjas. The ninja he had kicked was one of the most powerful. He was surprised and thought the must have seen the ash on the tree he had marked. He took a deep breathe and blew out a huge ball of blue fire at the ninja. The ninja dodged with extreme care knowing how hot the ball must be super hot as he landed from his leap to the side the blue fire ball turned in the air and picked u so much speed that it looked lie a comet. As the fire ball like comet hit the ninja the ninja burned up and his soul which was blue lifted and went into the ice stone. Daniel stood in awe not because of the fire ball but the fact that the ninjas soul went onto the ice stone. Then it hit him that ninja must have learnt the art of ice and snow.
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Desperate to chase the enemies away, Daniel thought of a quick plan. He used his fire release at the ninjas, as if it as another normal stream. The ninjas smirked and used their wind to put out the fire, but to their surprise, all of them got hit by about twenty throwing knives and stars! Daniel had hidden them in the fire when he used the stream of fire.

As they stumbled back injured and knowing Daniel was a huge threat. Knowing that he had now mastered all his stone's powers by chasing two armies away, Daniel leapt into the library's portal, to be shifted back to Konoha.

Not wising to be seen, Daniel jumped from tree to tree, making an effort to not make any sound at all. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks when he came to an abadoned looking ranch. Knowing the stone was in there, Daniel broke in, to come face to face with two scary looking ninjas. One of them resembled a spider, having two legs and six arms. The other looked normal but his skin was pale and his eyes looked heaps like a snake. It comfirmed he was a snake ninja when he licked his lips, revealing a long sticky tongue.

Daniel looked at him properly, and remembered he had dealt with one of them before. Before too long, the spider ninja crawled at Daniel, summoning many poisonous spiders as he crawled. Scared, Daniel used his ice to try and hit the spider ninja, he jumped up a few metres and shot a gold sticky web at the icicles flying at him, destroying them. Meanwhile, Daniel's ice had successfully destroyed the spiders crawling at him. Seeing the spider ninja in the air, Daniel shot a stream of fire at him, but the ninja was too quick, using his abnormal amount of legs, he dodged every shot, wanting to destroy him, Daniel continued shooting. Seeing this was his chance to attack Daniel, the snake ninja summoned a few snakes with huge fangs from under his sleeve, and made them fly at Daniel with extreme speed.

As Daniel was trying to shoot the spider, he did not see the snakes coming. Before a few seconds passed, they smashed into him with such force that he flew backwards and crashed into the hard rock wall. Hurt badly, Daniel collected his lightning arm and jumped at the snake ninja. Knowing the dangers of the attack, the ninja used his long tongue and wrapped it around Daniel's lightning arm, and forced it into the ground, making it create a huge crater.

As the electricity stopped, the snake ninja, summoned more snake ninjas summoned from his hands and smashed them into Daniel forcing him toward, the grinning spider who stuck out his six arms, getting ready to catch Daniel. As Daniel flew into the spider ninja's arms, he wasted no time and started kicking Daniel hard with his two legs. Finally, he used his six arms to throw Daniel at the glass window. Hoping to break the fall, Daniel released a stream of fire at the window, breaking it, and breaking his fall. How would he get out alive, and with the stone?


As Daniel woke up from his fall he realised that he was in a house with alot of paintings on walls he looked up and saw a really big man. The man said " I'm your butler for tonight. Daniel looked up in awe, he actually had a butler. He was so happy he told he asked the butler to get him a cold coke. The butler clicked his fingers and right there in th air appered a bottle of coke and a large glass. Then the bottle automaticly started to pour the coke into the glass.

"Do you still want your cola, sir?" Asked the butler. "Wait, you're not the master. Who are you and why do you dare enter the master's residence." "I can explain!" exclaimed Daniel. "WHO'S BEEN INTRUDING INTO MY HOUSE?" The master spoke, dressed in his unrevealing cape. Daniel stood up and looked staringly into the corner where there was a podium and something of his value on top. "The... the... the stone!" Daniel got himself up to scratch and began rushing to the stone. “Whee-orr, whee-orr, whee-orr,” The siren screeched. Daniel stood into a statue. “Ah uh ha, no touchy. That is my stone. Now don’t you come back or otherwise I will, uhh, ummm, GUARDS- take ‘em away. The guards took Daniel away in an instant and threw him out side the gates headfirst. “Owww. That hurt. That wasn’t fair.” Daniel sat thee crying. He received a bump in the head but it was only a minor issue. “Look who’s crying- do you want your mummy. You’re pathetic.” The spider ninja stood and told him sarcastically. “Hey it’s you. What are you doing here?” “You know what I want, Daniel. There’s something I want that you have. Give it up or suffer the consequences.” “What consequences?” Asked Daniel. “Uhh, ummm, ahh” The spider ninja hesitated but before he could answer, Daniel flew away as fast as he could. “You win, young Daniel. But the next stone is mine.

Daniel was busting- literally. He headed off to the nearest toilet. When he arrived, he saw the spider ninja. He was taking a leak, too. Luckily he bought that “Amateur Super Secret Spy Kit” from Bargainworld for $34.95. Luckily no one saw him because he WASN’T UNDERCOVER. This was against the laws of the Secret Spy Organisation of Ninjas. He got a fake moustache out of this so-called “Amateur Super Secret Spy Kit.” He didn’t realised the little print on the bottom of the box which said “Ages 5 – 10.” He took a while putting on the fake moustache as he was looking for the instructions. It turned out that there were no instructions! Just when he finally managed to put the fake moustache on, he realised the spider ninja left. Ohhh, that was just a stupid waste of time. But that was the least of his worries as he didn’t need to go toilet anymore. He’d already done it in his pants.


Daniel began to re-embark on his mission. He needed to get the turquoise stone to get one step closer to completing his quest. Legend has it; the turquoise stone gives the power of multiple-mind. This would mean he could read and interpret he minds of his fellow human beings and can possibly control them if used correctly. He needed to claim the stone from the ‘master’s’ residence. The last thing he needed was a distraction from that annoying ninja and along with the master, fighting for their cause. He looked around for any sign for the ninja. The coast is clear. Daniel moved closer towards the house. Hang on; he thought curiously, why is the door open to the master’s residence. There surely must be a catch to this. Daniel overlooked his as an opportunity and proceeded inward to the manor in haste. If Daniel’s bosses knew about this, he would probably be fired for being so uncreative and unsafe. Nevertheless, he would probably be fired anyway for being underage. It gives discredit to them if they found out they hired such a person. But anyway, here he is, inexperienced, fallible and oh so clumsy but he must carry on with the mission.

It was very fortunate of Daniel to enter the residence without anything happen to him. It seemed very strange and suspicious to him but he continued on further hoping that luck would be with him. He crept over to the room where the stone was kept unaware that the master was watching his every move. He stood straight and bold casting a shadow over young Daniel as he turned around. The master pulled of his estranged cape. The figure that emerged came to a complete shock to Daniel. He knew who this was. You could say it was his arch-enemy- an arch-enemy of possible recent times. This wasn’t an arch-enemy of just recent times. It was his most vulnerable enemy of all- the ninja, and what a surprise it was! “I have something to tell you.” the ninja said. Daniel recognised this old, deep voice. Wait! Old. The surprise has yet to come. The ninja pulled of his mask. Mask? The next moment, Daniel was so shocked, he almost fainted. “Pro…fess..or…Fff…..fff…fff I’m sorry I forgot your name.” “Yes it is I, Professor F…arnswothicle. I told you before I was a ninja, and I have one thing to do. Professor Farnsworthicle and put it in a rocket launcher and shot it out the window which left Daniel in total despair.

How could he betray me like that!? Daniel thought. Then he remembered all that grief he had caused poor old Professor Farnsworthicle earlier in the story. Fair enough. But that was the least of his problems. Not only did the Professor shot the turquoise stone out the window, he had to retrieve it from wherever path may lead him into the forest. Unfortunately, the trip for the stone through the only window because the doors where stone proof. the climb was successful so he knew it didn’t get stuck there (and Professor Farnsworthicle assured him that!) The last place Daniel would ever go to in the world was the scary haunted forest of death and sorrow. But to him it was a matter of life and death. If he had the option to die and not go in the forest, he would accept it. That’s how much he hated the the forest. But he would rather live a hero than die in disgrace. In the end, it all came down to a coin toss. If it lands on heads, he would go in. If it landed on tails, he wouldn’t dare bother. Daniel tossed the coin. Tails. That’s the end of that, he thought but he was wrong. Just as he was going to close he lid of the passage going through the window, someone kicked him. Daniel didn’t have a choice. He’d better get used to it as he predicted he would stay in there for quite a while.

By Liam

"Damn" Daniel cursed as he trailed past the murky water. "Why isn't there an anti-smell stone or something?? And how exactly am I supposed to find that stupid stone??? Whoaaahh!!!!" Daniel screamed as he tripped up, to find that he had just stepped on a dead frog which shot out some green blood at him. "Get lost, what are you doing here?"Came a voice from the darkness.
Daniel backed off and said "who are you and what do u want???
The thing came out of the dark and turned out to be a Red Fox. "What do you think? I'm not any fox, some antique magic stone is the thing that summons me... But I am the weakest of all the foxes."
Daniel got up, dusted himself, and walked on to find the summoning stone. Before long, he found a patch of clear blue water in the middle of all the brown mucky water around the area where he fell. Determined that the turquoise stone was there, Daniel stuck his arm inside to fish it out. As soon as he got it out, he heard a voice.
"So? You fell into our trap, I would have expected more than that from you, Daniel." Professor Farnsworthicle stepped out a shadow in a corner.
Suddenly, he heard the fox voice behind him, "Antique magic stone that summons foxes"
Daniel felt energy gathering up in his arms as he put it to the ground. Suddenly a huge fox with nine long and tails appeared beneath Daniel, carrying him on its back.

By Ben and Michael

As the fox started to run at the professor Daniel lost his balance and fell, but luckily he was quick to grab the silky fur of the reddish fox. Every step the fox took, the waves up to sewer created small tidal waves. As Daniel continued on the fox began to talk in some strange tongue that was unfamiliar tongue. Then the fox began to speak in English or at least Daniel thought so because he could understand what she said. She was taking about the amazing power the stone had. Then she said something that caught his mind she said," I am not the strongest of the Foxes that can be summoned by this stone that you have found." He replied," wow so your saying you ain't the biggest and strongest." As the ran a few Fire ninjas popped out the shadows and followed them but not to attack them. As they exited the sewers Daniel saw that they were surrounded by the army on Daniels side. They were carrying flame throwers and rocket launchers. The General yelled out of a Hummer. He said something about the ninjas and how they had attacked the base suddenly. Then he pulled out a letter and hopped out the hummer that was standing at least 2-3 metres off the ground. He started to walk with authority and then out of know where there was a gun shot and the general fell. Daniel did a foward flip of the Fox and ran to the General and picked him up and as he did that the head fell off. Then he saw it was a robot and as he looked up the flame throwers began to shoot flaming ball of hot fire at him. He got up and ran to his Fox which he had no idea her name. He jumped on and said, 'lets get out of here." She said "NO i've a thirst for some blood and bones so I'm staying and anyway I'm immune to fire because I am fire."

As she began to fight she became more fire like her tails became fire and her paws became surrounded by fire.

"That robot has got to be that professor's work, when I get my hands on him, he is dead." Daniel whispered dryly, as he absorbed the nine tailed fox back into the stone.
Before she left she added "Next time you try to summon us, you need to use some of your own blood as a sacrifice. The more blood you sacrifice, the stronger the fox will be."

"Arrgh time to find the next stone." Daniel grumbled as he headed to Konoha's center. When he was nearly there, he felt so tense that he knew there had to be more than one stone over there. When he reached the town center, true to his words at the bottom a heavily frozen fountain were two stones, one pure white and the other pale grey.

Before Daniel could reach the stones, he felt someone kick his stomach with extreme force, causing him to spit blood all over his arms and on the ground. Writhing in pain, he fell to the ground about a hundred metres away. The ninja that hit him smiled and said something about missing the target.

Daniel forced himself up and took out his fire stone and let off a stream of flames at the ninja. He grinned and kicked the ground, causing a huge crater to come up and shield him from the burning fire. Daniel's mouth dropped at the ninja's inhuman strength. The ninja forced the crater back into the ground and said
"If you beat me, which is not possible, you will retrieve these two mystical stones. The first one gives you abnormal strength like mine. And the second one is not one that helps you in combat, it helps you to fuse items together into one thing. So if you beat me, you could fuse the stones together to make one stone that contains all of the powers. But then again, I won't get ideas into your mind because you won't even come close to beating me."

Before he finished the sentence, he thrusted himself at Daniel. Hopelessly, Daniel began using his lightning stone to collect electricity in his arm. Knowing the danger of this destructive attack, the ninja forced it into the ground, where it made a huge hole. Then, the ninja seized a dagger out of Daniel's pocket and stabbed him in the leg, then he punched him with the abnormal strength, causing Daniel to fly backwards and crash into a brick wall. Coughing out blood due to the attack on his vital organs, Daniel grasped his stones hoping for one that could help him in this situation.

Suddenly, the fox's voice boomed back "The more blood you sacrifice, the stronger the fox". Daniel glanced at himself quickly, before taking out his summoning stone and forcing out the fox. Immediately, all of Daniel's blood slid down his arm and onto the stone, then weird hieroglyphics showed. Before a few seconds had passed a scary amount of smoke appeared.

When the black smoke had cleared, in its place was the biggest nine tailed fox Daniel had ever seen. It was at least seven times the size of the one Daniel had summoned before. Suddenly, it spoke loudly "I am the fox chief, how did I get summoned by a measly little boy? But then again, if I did, I have to obey you. My name is Kyuubi, I am the strongest fox of all. You must be reasonably strong to summon me. But now, what do you want me to do?" His voice boomed over Daniel.
"Well actually I need to defeat that ninja over there, but be careful of his strength." Daniel said quickly.
"Well jump on my back and hold on tight, when I run you will fall if you don't hold no tight enough." The fox replied as Daniel jumped onto him. The ninja began looking worried as the fox approached him viciously. Cautiously, he made a huge crater that measure at least fifty metres. The nine tailed fox did not look worried at all, as he simply leapt over it and continued.

Now, the ninja was really flustered, he desperately grasped a few boulders and began throwing them recklessly at the fox. With its tails, the fox grabbed each boulder and threw them back before they hit him or Daniel. When the fox finally reached, in a few measly seconds, it had tied the ninja up with its tail and bitten him in half. As the poor man fell to the ground unmistakeably dead, his blood began squirting out and his arms and legs were hanging at a grotsque angle due to all the bones being broken in one simple knaw of the fox's strong jaw.

After looking at the dead ninja carefully, the fox bowed to Daniel and disappeared. Awed at the chief fox's power, Daniel went and claimed the two new stones. Hoping the white stone did give him abnormal strength, Daniel punched the ground, immediately pieces of concrete flew everywhere and all was left was a huge crater with Daniel standing in the middle. Awed, Daniel took the grey stone and concentrated as hard as he could while holding all thirteen stones, then everything went black.

When Daniel opened his eyes, he saw only one stone in his hand, it was a colour of all the stones mixed together. But for some strange reason, he was so tired, and his body was so numb. To fuse all thirteen stones must have taken too much energy. He took the stone and used its healing ability and got up to start training

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Back at the base, Daniel had a few words with the general, explaining the fusing of the stones and the one containing abnormal strength. Then the general said quietly
"The reason we are having this war right now, is because of the stones. The enemy and ninja army both want to control the stones, we have to find all fifteen stones and destroy them before it's too late."
Daniel answered "Well, I will have to go straight onto finding the next stones." With that, he took his stone and left.
"This should be easier with a fox to sniff it out." Daniel bit hit finger and let the blood trickle out then forced it onto the stone to summon the fox.

Once again the smoke came, but when it cleared a fox only half the six of the chief appeared. It was still big enough to easily fit Daniel on its back. This time, it only had six tails
Daniel asked "Hey fox, could you help me track out a special stone? Foxes like you should have a good sense a smell."
The six tailed fox shrugged as Daniel leapt onto his back. After a few hours of running around Daniel and the fox arrived at a dark tunnel. The fox used its tails to light up a small fire to find their around as they ventured into the deeper part of the tunnel.

Daniel asked quietly "Do we have any company here?"
The fox put its head to the ground and took a big sniff, and replied "No but judging from the different changes of smell, there are many traps in here, much more dangerous than fighting someone."
Daniel rolled his eyes as they continued on.

Suddenly, Daniel heard something crack beneath him, he saw that they had fell into the first trap. As the ground began splitting, the six tailed fox leapt from crack to crack until they reached the other side. Daniel felt his heart beating as the rest of the platform behind them dropped. Quickly, the two ran on before they fell into any more traps.

As Daniel and the fox continued on, they found a beige stone on a stone table. As Daniel reached out to get it, a huge metal net dropped on both of them. Trying to get out, the fox began biting the metal ropes, but they were much too strong. Fortunately, Daniel thought of a plan.
"Could u light up your tails and heat up the metal ropes?" Daniel asked patiently.
"Yes, but I don't see how that helps." The fox replied, as its tails burst into flames, turning the steel red.
Then, Daniel took out his throwing dagger and began cutting at the red metal. Due to it being hot, it got cut off easily, and soon they were both free.

Daniel grabbed the stone, and teleported the fox and himself back to base. There, the fox disappeared back into the stone. Daniel, curious about the powers of the stone, decided to test them out. As he was wondering, a fierce looking lion appeared out of the nearby forest and began running at him. Desperate to stop it, he took out his stone, already fused and put his hand onto the ground hoping to summon a fox. But since he had forgotten to use his own blood, no fox appeared, instead a huge muddy swamp appeared in front of him, and once the lion stepped on it, it could no longer move.

Then suddenly, the swamp began to do an extremely peculiar thing. The lion began sinking as if the swamp was quicksand. Soon, when the lion was entirely submerged, the swamp disappeared, leaving no traces of mud or the lion. Delighted by the crazy power of the stone, Daniel went back to his cabin to rest.


The search for the final stone began. Daniel and a small army of brave men trudged off into the city. Knowing the battle of his life was here, Daniel closed his eyes and prayed that he would be alright. They met a few guard ninjas, which the army dealt with with ease.

Suddenly a masked ninja appeared out of a tree, and jumped at a nearby soldier, swinging his razor sharp chain. When he was about ten metres away, he threw the end of the chain at the soldier, which wrapped around him. In less than a second, blood had already been claimed. Not looking too surprised at seeing Daniel, the ninja repeated the previous step to more soldiers of the army, obviously oblivious to Daniel.

As the last soldier of the once full army fell, the ninja took out his mask. His face was in fact, the face of Konoha's leader.
"The time has come for us to fight, Daniel." His raspy voice made Daniel shiver.
"Where is the last stone?" Daniel replied, trying not to show his fear.
"It's right over there. But to get to it, you need to kill me. My name is Nidaime." He said as he pointed to the last stone hovering in between two well formed rocks.
"Well then let's start, I need to hurry up and destroy all fifteen stones." Daniel said quickly.
"Not so fast boy, to use the fifteen's power the user has to sacrifice his own life to destroy something."
"You mean... If I destroy the stones and end the war, I will lose my life??" Daniel asked, his voice choking.
"Yes young boy, but let us stop talking and start the battle!" Nidaime yelled as he flew at Daniel.
Daniel took a few shurikens and knives and threw them at the approaching ninja. Suddenly, Nidaime disappeared, making the knives and shurikens miss, then suddenly reappeared behind Daniel and kicked him up. Once again, the ninja disappeared and appeared right beside Daniel, before punching him so hard that he flew back down in a split second.

Not even slightly worn, Nidaime appeared again and grinned.
"I havent even started using any of my techniques and you are already worn out Daniel, I'm disappointed."
"Oh yeah, I havent even started using the stones!" Daniel yelled, whipped out his stone and began healing himself. Knowing this way his chance, Nidaime leapt at Daniel to finish him off. Luckily, Daniel finished healing just in time and leapt off just a second before the ninja smashed the ground beneath him.

Suddenly. Nidaime disappeared again, reappeared above Daniel and kicked him right onto the ground, head first. Daniel stumbled back up, forehead and shoulder bleeding badly. Knowing this was his chance to summon Kyuubi, he focused all his blood onto the stone. Black gas appeared and in its place was the Chief Nine Tailed fox.
Nidaime smiled "Oh so you can someone one of the strongest mystical creatures at ever existed! But let me warn you, so can I. This is starting to get very interesting Daniel. I apologise for underestimating you at the start." The ninja began forming some tedious hand signs, bit his finger and forced it onto the ground.

After all the purple smoke had cleared, in its place was a three headed snake, as big as Kyuubi.
"Oh good, I summoned the strongest snake, Manda." Nidaime grinned.
"Kyuubi!!! So, we are going to fight each other now." Manda hissed.
"Come to think of it, I've never fought you before, Manda.." Kyuubi replied.
Daniel and Nidaime both leapt off Kyuubi and Manda to let them fight. Manda decided to make the first move, as he slided cautiously towards the nine tailed fox. Kyuubi quickly began running towards Manda and in a few seconds, both of them collided. When the smoke had cleared, both summons were viciously fighting. Manda was using its heads to try and bite Kyuubi, while Kyuubi was using his tails to try and to grip Manda to try and bite him. This continued for a while until both of them leapt backwards.
"Quick get back on!" Kyuubi yelled at Daniel.
Daniel took out his stone and jumped onto Kyuubi while Nidaime did the same to Manda. Once again, Manda and Kyuubi leapt at each other. This time, one of Manda's heads succesfully bit Kyuubi's leg. While Kyuubi strangled all off Manda's heads. Both summons fell down in agony due to both of their injuries. As they both stumbled backwards, Daniel noticed that both summons could not take one more hit. Kyuubi's front left paw was bleeding due to Manda's venom, while two of Manda's heads were dead and the remaining one could not breathe properly.

Wanting to finish it before they both disappeared, Manda began sliding towards Kyuubi, to get one more bite onto him. Daniel's mind began whizzing as he took out his stone. He forced his hand into the ground and like last time, a huge mud swamp appeared right below Manda. It began struggling to get free, but the more it struggled, the more it got submerged. Finally Manda disappeared, obviously dead from exhaustion.
"Kyuubi, go back into the stone now, you have done enough for me." Daniel said as he held up the stone to force the nine tailed fox back in.

"We are back to where we started Daniel, except that now we are both exhausted." Nidaime added in. Both of them ran at each other for the final time, both ready to use everything they had. The real battle had began... Daniel used his lightning blade as he began releasing fire. Nidaime stopped the fire by using a water technique, but since water conducted electricity, his arm got badly immobilized due to Daniel's lightning. As both of them leapt backwards, Daniel felt something cold and wet crash into his back. When he turned around, he saw that Nidaime had made a water shark that was getting ready to attack.

Daniel quickly used his stone's ice powers to quickly freeze the dragon, then melted it into thin air with his fire release. While he was doing that, Nidaime punched him with crazy strength, so that he flew backwards and landed onto the soil with so much impact that smoke began building up.

When all the smoke had cleared, Nidaime glanced at Daniel, and saw that he was unconscious in a crater due to the hit he had taken. Ready to finish him off, Nidaime began stumbling towards him. Suddenly, Daniel burst into the thin air.
"What? A replication???" Nidaime screamed as the soil beneath him began cracking.
Daniel appeared from underground and gave him an uppercut with the inhuman strength from the stone. Not ready to defend, Nidaime flew up into the air about a hundred metres up. Then, Daniel replicated himself by three, and got ready for a final attack.

Knowing he had to use a complicated attack pattern to catch Nidaime off guard, Daniel leapt into the air while the other two replications stayed down. As the real Daniel began using his lightning blade, the two replications on the ground used their fire release on the unsuspecting Nidaime. He screamed in agony as the strong blazing fire burnt his back, yet forcing him higher up. Once the fire stopped, he opened his eyes to be greeted by Daniel with electricity in his hands.
"Take this!!!!" Daniel screamed as he forced the lightning arm into Nidaime's chest, with a mixture of the lightning blade's power and the abnormal strength. Nidaime screamed his way down as he crashed onto the ground. Ready for the finishing move, Daniel used all his weight from dropping down about a hundred and fifty metres high onto his foot, to get ready to finish Nidaime with an inhuman kick.

Daniel fished Nidaime's dead body out of the humongous hole he had caused from the crazy kick. Suddenly, he remembered the final stone.
"If this is going to stop the war, it's a sacrifice I'll always be willing to make..." Daniel said, as the stones all exploded and his life left him.


After Daniel Black's death to destroy all the stones, the war immediately stopped. Everyone, in both armies and the village both honoured his bravery, just to stop a war.

By Ben-aaaw poor Daniel :(

-------------------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lost at War-By Ben, Liam, Jordan and Michael.

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