She dived down into the old fashioned ceramic bathtub, with no hesitation and total confidence as the horrendously slimy pencil case lunged at her with rusty, extra sharp claws. She slipped through the plug hole as easily as an ant would for a normal sized bathtub. It was her fourth time escaping Poopoo, and this was the last time she was going to do it again.


The water washed her around and around, in circles and circles, bashing and throwing her on the tubular walls. Despite all this she felt relieved, she knew that if Poopoo captured her, she would never be seen by anyone ever again.

After half an hour of torture or so, the water came to a gentle flow, down a horizontal tube. She was able to stand up against the weak current, and she jabbed at a fluoroscent green button on her multifunctional watch.

"Sammie reporting... I got what you wanted to know, boss... I'm at safe point now... Can you open the gate now?... Ok the password is... I Like Watering Flowers..." Sammie wheezed with pain and in 5 seconds the top of tube slided open creaking with age.
"Rope please..." No reply... "Rope please!" Sammie yelled.

Still no reply.

"Can you just drop the damn rope!!!" Sammie screamed with impatience. No reply, no rope either... CLINK CLINK CLINK... "What was that?" Sammie said to herself. "SHOOT!!!"

Sammie ran/waddled as fast she could down the pipe swimming to the pipe exit. KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Wakey Wakey..." said a familiar voice

"Hmmm? Where am I?" said Sammie weakly

"Don't worry, you are safe and sound." said the voice cordially

"Who are you?" said Sammie

"Don't you remember? Im Guex..."


"Yes yes yes I'm Guex the evil genius that tried to destoy the V.S.O and tried to steal it all from you 3 times..."

"You know I won't tell you anything. So give up, even if you threaten to kill me!!!"

"Well will you tell me if I say I'll kill Dave? Muhahaha!!!"


"Well ain't I clever... I know you can't live without him..."

Sammie feared for her life as Guex threatened to kill Dave. Compared to all the other threats, Sammie thought, with hatred, that this was the nastiest. Ever since Sammie had set foot in the world of indestructable spies, Guex had been after all the costly secrets for spying to make his business just as successful. All Guex ever thought about was the green, spanking new smelling money.

"I won't tell you anything. Not in a million years!" said Sammie as protectively as she could.
Guex knew that Sammie wasn't an effortless target to crack all the revealing secrets. He had to do something, but what???

As Sammie yelled at the door creaking cellphone, it hit Guex on what to do. He had one choice to make. Was he prepared to risk it all on line to making his successful dream come true? His evil plan would work with the help of... Mr. Mangooligan.

He dashed off to the phone leaving poor old Sammie behind, chained up on the bright pink and yellow polka dotted bed (Guex really likes polka dots). He dialed 0800 3587521022024569, but it transferred to the HQ of Vodafone. Guex's finger's were far to bulky to dial 12 numbers.

A lightbulb appeared up top of his brain. He had an idea.........


"Hello, Vodafone headquarters, how can I help you?" said the distracted assistant.
Guex slammed the phone down.

"AAARRGHH! You there! Come here!"

A Japanese midget with nerdy glasses dropped her beaker immediately and hurried to Guex.

"Chibi at your service!" whimpered the professor trying hard not not look scared

"Dial this number, quickly," screamed Guex as fiercly as he could.

He stared at Chibi with impatience, tapping his foot once every 5 seconds. Chibi dialed the number as promptly as she could with her trembling hands, but as she trembled she deliberately toggled the 'disconnect in 10 seconds button', hiding it with her palm.
It started ringing. With excitement, Guex lifted the phone to his waxy caramel-coloured ear.

All of a sudden the phone cut off.

"WHAT!!! What is all this nonsense!"

"Let me check for you master," said Chibi anxiously
She briskly walked to the transmitting room and dismantled the transmitter antenae, snapped the calling chip and placed it on the floor innocently.

"Master, master," yelled Chibi. "Look, somebody has sabotaged the transmitter!"

"FIX IT THEN!!!" yelled Guex turning bright purple.

"I can't, its all broken to pieces. All you can do is buy a new one sir!" said Chibi as innocently as she could.

"Who did this?!!!!" shrieked Guex looking as if he was going to kill someone.

"I think it was the cleaner Todd. He came in just an hour ago," said Chibi even more innocently.

"Where is he?!!! I'm going to torture him!!!" screamed Guex looking suddenly relieved but still very outraged.

"According to the schedule, he should be cleaning the cafeteria in the next building"
Chibi seemed to handle the situation very well.

As Guex rummaged through the drawer to find the keys he explained to Chibi that he was going to get Todd and buy a new transmitter.

"Keep on watching the surveillance cameras every once in a while to make sure that no trespassers come within the 10 metre radar."
"And keep a close eye on the secret keeping girl, "he shouted with anger as smoke travelled out of his ears like smoke flying out of a chimney.

He stormed out of the room.


As soon as Chibi was sure Guex left she hurried to the small bare room Sammie was in. Sammie stared at her with hatred.

"If you are here to interogate me you are wasting your time!" spat Sammie with hatred

"Calm down! Im not going to hurt you, I'm here to help you. I've had enough of that Guex. When he offered me this job I thought it would be challenging and, most importantly, fun. I've tried to resign but Guex threatened to kill me. Now I've finally gained his trust, I want to escape to somewhere hidden like Fiji or the Himalayas, and you can come with me."

"Sorry I yelled at you, its just that I hate that Guex so much!"

"At least we agree on something." said Chibi with a calming tone. "Now lets get you out of here before Guex comes back."
Chibi unhandcuffed Sammie as she told Sammie her escape plan.

They trotted along through the cold hall way, footsteps echoing loudly. Chibi opened a creaking concrete door at the end of the halllway. It had a fluoroscent toilet sign pinned on it. Sammie gasped when she saw inside, then she giggled, "Guex has a weird taste for a villain like him.

" You should see the colour of his undies."

They giggled as Chibi pulled up the loose gloves from her rough hands and started to disassemble the rusted toilet.
Sammie questioned Chibi's weirdly unusual actions.
"WHAT!!! Its a toilet. How could we possibly escape with toil....Whooooooooaaaaa!"

"Did you see that series "Prison Break"? Its the same idea. This tunnel leads to the sewers. We are camouflaged and we can escape"

"Ok" muttered Sammie, "but I can barely get in this hole!"

"Well you'll have to, this is the only way, and hurry up, we have only 7 minutes left till Guex will come back."

Chibi squeezed in the reeking, pooey hole in the ground as all her tummy flab pushed to face.
"A little help please?" asked Chibi

Sammie pushed her with all her strength, using her feet to stamp on Chibi's head. Chibi fell down with a thud. Sammie slid down a hole easily as she was covered in the horendous slime.
"Can you put up the toilet? Guex can't know were here" Sammie took the latex gloves.

As they put together the pipes they heard a sudden bang.
"What was that," whispered Sammie in a high voice as if she was terrified.

"I'm assuming it's Guex, we have to hurry. Do you see that spanner over there in the corner, grab it for me."

As Sammie steadily crept to the spanner, she stubbed her toe on a rock making her yell as loud as she could.

She cried for mercy hoping the pain would stop as Chibi placed her hand over Sammie's mouth.
"Keep it down. The least you could do is keep it quiet. I hope you know what Guex is capable of," Chibi said as if she was trying to tell Sammie something but couldn't find the right words.

Meanwhile back up where Guex is, he heard the yell through the drainpipes. He dropped the terrified Todd down and Guex stomped back to the 4th floor. As he pushed open the flapping doors, he knew something wasn't right... There wasn't the usual sound of Chibi mixing toxic chemical, or of her typing. No sign of life. Everything still.


"CHIBI?" he bellowed.
No reply.
"CHIBI! Answer me!".
No reply.
He looked at the surveillance cameras, all disassembled.

Guex roared and stomped till the concrete floor cracked. He went to the surveillance room to see if all the cameras were disconnected or if it was just a trick. He was right. It was no trick. Someone was messing with him. But who?
It had to be Chibi or Sammie. They were the only ones that were here.

Sammie's eyes went all watery from the pain of her stubbed, possibly broken, toe. She finished off putting up the toilet again, then turned around to find Chibi gone, and herself alone in the pipe.

"Chibi?" It echoed. For a moment Sammie thought Chibi left her, but a panting sound echoed back.

"Just checking this other tunnel" panted Chibi

Sammie slid down the lichen and moss coated pipe into the tunnel to join Chibi.

She gasped, and rubbed her eyes. The bloody image of Chibi...

"Run, Sammie! I can still hold them off!"

Chibi had blood dripping from her forehead, where she got bitten by Guex's small army. The soldiers had reptile faces, but with human bodies. As soon as they saw Sammie, their tongues flicked around with hunger, staring at her with their red beady eyes.
Sammie wanted to help Chibi but she doubted that it would help considering there were at least 10 lizard men. All she could do was to run toward the safe side of the tunnel.

"So sorry Chibi....." Sammie tearfully whispered to herself, to comfort herself.

Sammie kept running, despite how many times she slipped, crying to herself, feeling worry, guilt, sadness drowning her.
Soon she came to a place, where the sewerage was too deep. She got stuck, and turning behind her, she saw the lizard men were arriving, their mouths smeared with Chibi's blood. This made Sammie really angry and more determined to get away, so with all her might, she waddled, paddled, dived, but still the lizard men were catching up, with their special lizard abilities.

Finally the tunnel came to an end, in a drop into the sea. Sammie jumped off, missing the lizards blood drenched teeth by centimetres.

Sammie saw a big rock and hid behind it, waiting for the lizards to go past. For what seem like to be a year, nothing happened.

Sammie could hold her breath no longer. She could feel her body turning purple, about to burst to a million pieces. She had no other choice but to set herself free.


Their was no sign of the lizard men. Well, that's what Sammie thought. She was relieved that they had finally passed her. Without thinking any further, she went for a glide and casually swam looking left and right wondering where she was.

But she felt a vibe as if something/someone was following her. She turned to look but nothing was there. Not even a glimpse of a fish fin.

But wait. There, marbelizing with the water was trails of deep red blood. She traced the thin trail of blood to find... A LIZARD MAN!

How could this have possibly happened. Why was this happenning to her? But before she could think more, a deep red cloud engulfed her. A dash of water leaked into her mouth, it was the familiar salty choking taste; blood. She forced out the salty liquid to check what the salty taste was. It was indeed blood. She swam as fast as she could trying to figure out how the blood got into her mouth in the first place. She swam away from all the mess, and she sighed with relief for she narrowly escaped once again.

Sammie took one last look at the bloody cloudy place, but it made her look again. Then there were three car sized great white sharks swimming round in circles around what seemed to be something, or somebody. It was the lizard man, with bright red blood pouring out of him like a waterfall, her first impulse was to swim away before the sharks would notice her, but she hesitated as she had never let anyone die before. That thought brought back some memories for her, a long time ago she saved her ex-criminal ex-boyfriend Dave out a tidal wave, nearly drowning herself. The happy thought gave her the determination to shatter her hesitation and blast through the red water to help the lizard man. But how was she going to distract the fierce sharks? She sufaced and swam above the sharks with as least movement as possible not making a ripple. But before she had any more time to hesitate, it appeared in front of her shimmering blue eyes. Of course like anyone would she panicked and was drowning... drowning.... Out of nowhere came a big big wave, which washed the unconcious Sammie, the shark, the lizard man and everything that was in the water to a deserted beach on a unknown island.


2hours later....

Suddenly she wakes up shivering as her clothes are soaking with salty water. For the first time since she left Poo Poo's cave house, she remembered what she saw... The Hypnotiser Machine.... How terrible it was... Yet it was a very clever little toy.. hypnotising the unlucky victim with a mask taking total control. The masks in the form of lizard faces... The lizard man.. he got hypnotised.. all the facts meshed into something that made sense now. She looked around sighing with relief that the lizard man was still lying unconscious face down on the sand. From the faint memory she had from Poopoos house she knew that it was very easy to destroy the hyponotising mask.. Just simply peel it off one person making all the other masks dissolve into thin air.

The lizard man suddenly awoke. Sammie hurried to a boulder near by. She hid behind it and saw the lizard man walk to the nearest house.
"What? I thought that the lizard was knocked dead!" Sammie thought with disbelief.
As the lizard man entered the house, Sammie ran from one boulder to the next, getting closer and closer until there were no boulders in sight. She hurried to the door which was left open. Inside it was dark and misty. She heard the echoing sound of footsteps so she followed them. The house looked small on the outside, but on the inside it was a mansion. Sammie walked along the long, dark hallway until she heard 2 voices. She stepped back a few paces trying to figure out the words that were coming out of their mouths. The lizard man ran out. Before he could reun any more, Sammie had grabbed hold of him.
"Got ya!" Sammie said relieved.
As the lizard man wriggled around in Sammie's arms, Sammie slowly peeled the mask off. The lizard man let out a yell but he struggled to speak. The mask was OFF! Sammie dropped the little midget and ran outside. Slowly lizard, crocodile and even alligator men started to faintly form walking closer to Sammie. One by one they all vanished until there was nothing to be seen exept for nature. It was all over


The day was saved by the amazing Sammie. Sammie caught a boat ride home by CIA security safely and is living happily ever after. Dave was not harmed at all. Amazingly, Chibi survived and is now living happily in Fiji, working in a bar. PooPoo has vanished into thin air as he was being hypnotised by Guex. And as for Guex, no-one has heard of hime ever since the hypnotiser was destroyed. Some say he vanished with all the other lizard men. Some say he died. Some even say that he has changed and he is not evil and is living on a tropical island.

Who knows?